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Fortnite: Battle Royale could be getting some big mechs for season 10

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Apex Legends players have been a little disappointed with the game’s lack of mechanical Titan robots thus far, but it looks like Epic Games is going to beat it to the punch with Fortnite Season 10. A teaser image for the upcoming season appears to show a mech character, and this could significantly alter how Battle Royale is played.

The introduction of mech vehicles — or characters — was teased on the official Fortnite Twitter account, with a note saying that fans could look forward to experiencing them on August 1. The mech appears to have two different styles of weapons, as one arm features a gun with two barrels and the other has only one barrel.

Look Forward. 8.1.2019

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 29, 2019

A little over a week ago, players booted up their games to find a brawl between a sea monster named Kaiju and a giant robot unfolding right in the middle of the Battle Royale map. The fight ended with the defeat of the sea creature and the mech doing the “floss” before taking off into the sky. This left some of Battle Royale’s locations in ruin but not so much to completely alter its appearance as we’ve seen in previous seasons. It is to be determined whether these two events will have anything to do with the other.

The mechanical robots aren’t the only thing Epic Games has been teasing for Season 10. On July 28, the account posted a picture that appeared to show Dusty Depot, an area that had long been destroyed and replaced by a crater on the Battle Royale map. Given that the Fortnite story has dealt with all manner of interdimensional travel and bizarre scientific phenomena, and would stand to reason that a time-rewinding event would certainly be possible.

The most recent full content update in Fortnite launched earlier this month and commemorated the game’s second birthday. Birthday presents containing Legendary items were scattered across the map, and birthday cakes containing health and shield boosts were also available.

The major weapon addition was the Storm Scout Sniper Rifle, complete with a sleek, futuristic design, but Creative mode may have gotten the best new content. Movie Set Prefabs were added, allowing you to stage your own fancy Hollywood productions.

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