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Fortnite adding performance mode to help game run better on older PCs, laptops

Fortnite is getting a new performance mode designed to make the game run smoother on older PCs and laptops. The update reduces visual quality to bolster performance and will allow players to decrease the game’s file size.

Performance mode will be available in alpha starting on December 15. The new option lowers the strain on a system’s CPU and GPU, trading out high resolutions for more stable gameplay. Developer Epic Games says the update will make the game run better than it currently does on low settings.

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Epic shared a pair of examples of how the new mode compares to the low settings mode, and the major change comes in frame rate. In the scenarios outlined, Epic says that the game went from 24 to 61 frames per second by switching to performance mode.

Players will find the option in the Advanced Graphics menu when it launches. The option can be enabled or disabled manually at any time. Players on low-end PCs will receive a prompt recommendation that they switch to the mode. It will only be available in the Battle Royale and Creative modes of the game.

Alongside the update, Epic is adding an option to let users opt out of high-resolution textures entirely. When users go into the options menu on the app, they’ll have the ability to deselect the option, which will free up 14.48 GB of hard drive space.

The update should help keep the game stable on older hardware, though Epic still recommends “having the game run from an SSD or providing 6GB of RAM or higher.” Epic notes that a dedicated GPU is not required to play the game.

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