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Fortnite challenge guide: Craft a Hunter’s Cloak

With the start of a new Fortnite season comes a slew of new features, and for season 6, there’s plenty to do. One of the new features is the implementation of wild animals throughout the world. Some are friendly, while others … not so much. Season 6 also includes a new crafting mechanic, and one of the new challenges requires you to create an item called a Hunter’s Cloak. This item is extremely useful when navigating through areas packed with wild animals.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps on creating this item, and we’ll include a few tips to make it easier for you. Here’s how to craft a Hunter’s Cloak in Fortnite.

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Find animal bones and meat

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We go into more detail about animal bones and crafting in our guide here, but for the purposes of this post, the main thing you need to know is that you have to eliminate a boar or wolf to gather the resources to complete this challenge. These creatures are found around the map in various places, but if you want a sure-fire way to find them, check the western side of Weeping Woods. Here, you’ll come across packs of wolves — just make sure you’re well equipped to take them out since they deal high damage and can quickly overtake you if you aren’t prepared.

Animals are found everywhere, but just make sure you eliminate the larger mammals to get the resources you need.

For this challenge, you’re looking for two items: Animal bones (2) and meat (1). Taking out one wolf will do the trick, so grab a weapon and eliminate one, then get to safety so you can craft. It helps if you have a team with you so they can watch your back and protect you while you craft.

Craft a Hunter’s Cloak

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After you’ve gathered two animal bones and one meat, press up on the D-pad and tab over to the Crafting menu. Here, you should see Hunter’s Cloak as an option, so press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or Y on Nintendo Switch to craft the item. After you’ve crafted it, you’ll complete the challenge and gain 24,000 XP.

You might be wondering what this item does. Since some of the animals are hostile, this item is particularly useful, as it throws off their scent. You can apply it to your character when approaching a wild pack of wolves so they don’t attack you. This is a great idea so you don’t waste ammo and resources trying to fight them, and so you don’t give away your position. Depending on your playstyle and the areas you like to visit, this may or may not be a smart tactic, but it’s nice to know using a Hunter’s Cloak is an option, at least.

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