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Fortnite challenge guide: Converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus

Fortnite season 7, week 3 is underway, and it comes with a new batch of challenges for you to complete. Unlike many of the challenges from previous seasons, this week’s are less straightforward than you might be used to. That’s because all of them send you to specific, unmarked locations to collect items or interact with objects. One in particular requires you to converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus — all of whom are NPCs around the Believer Beach area.

Since these NPCs aren’t marked on the map, you might have trouble finding them. Fortunately, we have all the details on how to complete this challenge. Here’s how to converse with Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus in Fortnite.

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Where find Sunny, Joey, or Beach Brutus

Fortnite Sunny, Joey or Beach Brutus locations.

The nice thing about this challenge is that all three NPCs spawn in fixed locations, eliminating the need to wander around looking for them. For this challenge, you only need to speak with one of the three NPCs, so it’s relatively simple once you know where to go. Above is a map featuring the locations of each NPC at Believer Beach (thanks, Since this area is tied to a challenge, it’s highly likely you’ll encounter other players who are also looking to complete it.

Depending on who lands first, you might be at a disadvantage, so it’s a good idea to start on the outskirts of Believer Beach so you can stock up on items and weapons beforehand. That way, if you do come across an enemy player, you’ll be able to defend yourself. Once you’re stocked up, try to get to the closest NPC. We found Joey to be the easiest to talk to since their location is sort of out of the way. The other tip we have is to try this in Team Rumble so you can respawn if you get eliminated early.

Finally, we always recommend attempting challenges — especially ones that take you to busy areas — with a team. You should let your teammates know you’re going for the challenge so they can cover you. Below are the specific locations of each NPC.


Fortnite Sunny location.

Sunny is found on the northeastern side of Believer Beach, right next to the water by some umbrellas. You can find this NPC standing on what looks like a summoning circle drawn in the sand.


Fortnite Joey location.

You can find Joey on the southwestern side of this area, by the trailer next to a house.

Beach Brutus

Fortnite Beach Brutus location.

Finally, Beach Brutus is located on the northwestern section of Believer Beach by the lone trailer next to some umbrellas.

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