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Itching for the Nintendo Switch? This iPhone controller may tide you over

Mobile gaming peripheral maker, Gamevice, has announced a slew of new controllers for the iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. Although Gamevice has been in business for some time, it’s attempting a resurgence shortly after the Nintendo Switch system was announced, which has controllers that look similar.

We had our first look at Gamevice controllers back in 2015 and they looked much the same then. They featured face buttons, joystick controls, triggers, shoulder buttons and an additional directional pad, looking very similar to Nintendo’s twin Joy-Con controllers for the Switch.

The timing of this new launch which has us raising our eyebrows. While we don’t doubt that Gamevice has been working on its controllers since then, it does seem like quite a coincidence that it’s launching new versions shortly after the Switch reveal.

Originally designed for the iPad Air and Air Mini, this time around Gamevice has expanded its list of supported hardware, offering versions for iPhones and various iPads. As before, though, instead of being split and attaching in two halves like the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, Gamevice’s controllers are attached together behind the screen.

Polygon reports that the new Gamevice controllers are supported by more than 900 games on iOS and are charged using the tablet or phone’s own power. However they do come with a Lightning port, and can be charged directly if you prefer.

One addition that could be of real interest to iPhone 7 users: the Gamevice controller will add a 3.5mm headphone jack to the phone.

You can now order yourself the new iPad Air and Pro versions for $100 each, and we’re told that the iPhone and iPad Mini versions of the new Gamevice controllers will become available on January 31.

Do any of you take your iPhone or iPad gaming seriously enough to order one of these?

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