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GOG’s Summer Gaming Sale is live with more than 1,000 deals

Cuphead guide

GOG’s Summer Gaming Sale has started and includes more than 1,000 discounts on just about any type of game you could possibly want. The best part about purchasing games from GOG is that they are digital rights management-free.

Depending on how impulsive you are, GOG’s sale could be a bit of struggle. Sale prices range anywhere between 10 and 90 percent off, with a sizable portion of the offerings at or above 50 percent off.

GOG’s sale, which runs until June 18, has a pair of interesting incentives to get your wallet open. If you spend $5, you get a code for the excellent Sunless Sea for free. Bizarrely, Sunless Sea is also on sale for $6.50. So, yeah, if you want Sunless Sea, buy a different game. Once you spend $20 — it’s easy to do — GOG will give you Rime for free, the charming 2017 adventure with whimsical visuals and a surprisingly satisfying minimalist approach to gameplay.

Keep in mind that all indications point to the Steam Summer Sale starting on June 21, so the month of June will be packed with discounts on games. That’s not even counting Sony’s Days of Play and Microsoft’s E3 sale.

Before you go off and purchase one or two or 10 new PC games, here are a few games we recommend buying at their sale price:

What Remains of Edith Finch ($10): At 50 percent off, What Remains of Edith Finch is an absolute steal. This walking simulator follows a young woman’s journey back to her childhood home and the secrets that it holds. Edith Finch was one of the best indies of 2017.

Into the Breach ($12): Yes, Into the Breach is only $3 off from its regular price, but its standard $15 price tag was ridiculously low to begin with. The follow-up to the massively popular FTL: Advanced Edition, we awarded Into the Breach a perfect score in our review for its smart and charming take on tactical combat. It’s really that good.

Cuphead ($17): Also a game with only a $3 discount, but one we would highly recommend even if it was $60. Cuphead has gorgeous 1930s-style cartoon graphics and punishing but fair run-and-gun combat that focuses on exciting boss battles. We also don’t foresee Cuphead getting a steeper discount any time soon.

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