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A stuntman’s résumé may have revealed that Rockstar is working on ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’

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ééThe biggest video games around tend to have a cast of thousands, with scores of voice actors and motion capture specialists lending their skills to the finished product. In recent years, we’ve seen several instances where work listed on a résumé has uncovered an as-yet-unannounced project — and it seems that such a situation may have just confirmed that work on Grand Theft Auto 6 is already well underway.

Earlier this morning, the résumé of an actor and stuntman named Tim Neff was posted on the popular video game forum NeoGAF. Neff notes that he worked on Rockstar’s upcoming western Red Dead Redemption 2, but he also claims to have contributed motion capture performance to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto is no doubt one of the biggest franchises in gaming, so it’s not entirely surprising that Rockstar is working on a sixth mainline installment. However, the studio has remained fairly quiet on the future of the series, with its current focus remaining squarely on Red Dead Redemption 2.

It’s now been almost four years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V — although it might not seem like it, given the game’s HD rerelease and the fact that GTA Online is still receiving new content on a regular basis. For comparison, that game came out a little over five years after the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV in 2008.

With Red Dead Redemption 2 set to debut next year, Grand Theft Auto 6 could potentially follow in either 2019 or 2020. That would allow Rockstar to pursue a similar cross-generational strategy to the one that worked so well for Grand Theft Auto V, given that the successors to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are likely to land around that time.

This apparent confirmation that Grand Theft Auto 6 is well into production will no doubt spark plenty of discussion about where the sequel will take the franchise. It’s long been rumored that the next game would return to Vice City, just as the previous two entries revisited the other two locations from the classic PlayStation 2 trilogy, but fans will simply have to wait and see what Rockstar has in store.

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