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Hogwarts Legacy: how to open eye chests

There are many strange sights and sounds to behold all across Hogwarts as you explore the castle and its surroundings in 8Hogwarts Legacy*. Aside from the more overtly fantastical creatures you will encounter, there are a few things that are more curious and confusing than anything else. Chief among these would be the eye chests, which appear as normal treasure chests, only with a big central eye that observes you. Once it notices you getting too close, it'll become aggressive and prevent you from looting whatever goodies it's hiding. Here's a simple way to trick these nasty chests and get their prize.

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5 minutes

What You Need

  • The disillusionment spell

How to unlock eye chests

In order to loot an eye chest, you will need a way to reach them without their all-seeing eye spotting you. This will require more than simply sneaking around, however.

Step 1: Progress through the main story missions until you learn the disillusionment spell in "Secrets of the Restricted Section."

Step 2: Find an eye chest and cast the disillusionment spell on yourself while out of its field of view.

An invisible wizard sneaking up on a chest.

Step 3: While invisible, approach the chest and press the prompt to search it.

Eye chests can be found all over Hogwarts, and each one will reward you with a hefty sum of 500 gold galleons, so it is well worth your time to loot each one you see -- before it sees you.

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