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How to fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy

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While you may not think Hogwarts itself would be a very large area, Hogwarts Legacy's open world encompasses far more than just the titular castle. As soon as you set foot on campus and pop open your map, you'll soon realize just how vast a space there is to explore, as well as how long it will take to actually get around. Just like in the books, there are handy ways of getting around that are unavailable to us muggles. Fast travel is thankfully available very early on, so here's how you can utilize it to make sure you get to class on time.




10 minutes

What You Need

  • Discover Floo Flames

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How to fast travel

Fast travel in Hogwarts Legacy is done through something called Floo Flames that you will encounter in the first mission of the game.

Step 1: Interact with your first Floo Flame during the main mission.

Step 2: As you explore the map, approach more Floo Flames around the map to activate them. You can spot them on the map via the green flame icon.

Step 3: After you get close enough to one, it will become an active fast travel point.

A map of hogwarts.
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Step 4: When you want to fast travel, open your map and highlight any active Floo Flame and select Travel to instantly zip to that spot.

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