How to crossbreed flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere, and the flowers are blooming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This means that the opportunity to grow some of the most wonderful hybrid flowers is afoot. Players are working hard to coordinate and try to grow some of the rarest flowers in the game.

Growing rare hybrids can be extremely tricky. Although placing flowers together may help encourage rare flowers to grow, there is no real guarantee that you’ll grow a rare color. However, there are a few tips, tricks, and approaches to growing rare flower colors, ensuring that every garden on your island floors your islanders, friends, and visitors!

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How to crossbreed flowers

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flowers

When starting the game, players will have a native flower on their island. The native flower will either be lilies, roses, windflowers, pansies, mums, hyacinths, tulips, or cosmos. In order to breed hybrid flowers, players will need to have at least the three basic colors for each flower. The basic colors will vary depending on the flower.

Finding the basic colors for native flowers is easy, as they can be found in Nook’s Cranny. As the shop upgrades, a few more flowers will be added — up to the three basic colors of three different flowers. You can also find flowers and hybrids on Mystery Island tours, with friends, and when Leif comes to visit.

Placing the flowers is extremely important. In order for hybrid flowers to grow, players will need to plant flowers in a diagonal pattern, leaving one square of space between each flower in its row and column. This will leave flowers in a bit of a checkerboard pattern and will help leave space for new flowers to grow. In previous renditions of the game, flowers would only pollinate flowers that were in the same 3×3 grid. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this grid has been upgraded to 5×5. When planting flowers diagonally from one another, this leaves a minimum of four open spots for hybrids to have a chance to grow.

Remembering to water the flowers on the island each day is extremely important to growing hybrids. Players can also let either the rain or other villagers take charge of watering flowers. Either way, be sure to check back on flowers daily to see if another flower has started growing on any side of the initial flower. If players plant one lone flower, the new flower will always be the same color as the parent flower, but, given time, the colors will diversify and change.

Another important note on hybrid flowers is that the more friends that come to your island and water flowers, the more likely it is that the flowers will produce hybrids at a faster rate. Over the past month, players have been experimenting with flower rates and breeding. Through extensive Animal Crossing research, players have found that watering a player’s own flowers only gives a 5% chance of breeding new flowers. However, if five visitors water the flowers on the player’s island, the chance of getting a new hybrid flower increases to 80%. The number of times that visitors have watered flowers shows up as the sparkles on the flowers after watering. The sparkles go from small blue and silver sparkles to large yellow and gold flashes, making them stand out a bit.

Here is a list of what color flowers to match together to get those beautiful hybrid flowers on your island!


The original colors for these flowers are Red, White, and Yellow.

  • Red + White = Pink
  • Yellow + Red = Orange
  • Red + Red = Black


The base colors for roses are Red, White, and Yellow. Additionally, roses will require certain flower colors to be hybrid in order to create new colors. Planting the following colors close together will increase a player’s chance of getting hybrid colors.

  • Red + Red = Black
  • Black + Golden Watering Can = Gold
  • Red + White = Pink
  • White + White = Purple
  • Orange + White = Hybrid Red
  • Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red = Blue

The Hybrid Red roses can be a little tricky, as these red flowers look the same as other reds. However, Hybrid Red roses are the only way to get Blue roses. Additionally, the Golden Watering Can will not be available to players until their island reaches a 5-star level.


The base colors for windflowers is a little different from previous flowers. The primary colors for Windflowers are Red, White, and Orange.

  • Orange + Red = Pink
  • White + White = Blue
  • Pink + Blue or Blue + Blue = Purple


The base colors for pansies are Red, White, and Yellow.

  • White + White = Blue
  • Yellow + Red = Orange
  • Red + Blue = Hybrid Red
  • Blue + Orange = Hybrid Orange
  • Hybrid Red + Hybrid Red or Hybrid Orange + Hybrid Orange or Blue + Blue = Purple

Using the hybrid colors for pansies is the only way to get purple. Although the Hybrid Red and Hybrid Orange look similar to regular Red and Orange, players will have to be careful to grab the flower hybrid that was produced appropriately.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hybrid Flowers


The primary colors for mums are Red, White, and Yellow.

  • Red + Yellow = Hybrid Yellow
  • White + Red = Pink
  • Purple + Purple = Green
  • White + White = Purple


The starter colors for hyacinths are Red, White, and Yellow.

  • Red + White = Pink
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • White + White or Red + Red = Blue
  • Orange + Orange or Blue + Blue = Purple


The base colors for tulips are Red, White, and Yellow.

  • Red + White = Pink
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Red + Red = Black
  • Orange + Orange or Black + Black = Purple


The original colors for cosmos are Red, Yellow, and White.

  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Red + White = Pink
  • Orange + Orange or Red + Red = Black

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