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How to get Silver and Copper Keys in Palworld

While you’re exploring, catching new Pals, and collecting resources in Palworld, you will eventually stumble upon some high-tier treasure chests. While this may give you an initial surge of excitement, if you find yourself lacking any keys with which to open it, your mood may deflate rather quickly. Keys come in three distinct types, with Copper and Silver being a bit easier to get than the Gold ones, but they are still no walk in the park. There are two main ways to get them, so let’s unlock the secret of the keys so you can crack open those tantalizing chests.

How to get Silver and Copper Keys

A player standing by a locked chest in Palworld.

The first method to getting some Silver and Copper Keys will be to successfully fight off a raid on your base. We’re specifically looking for raids full of Leezpunk Pals. This is a dark-type that are a very common type to assault your base. Catching or defeating these will have a chance of dropping either type of key, but Copper is more common.

Copper keys can also be found, paradoxically, inside common chests that don’t require keys in the world.

For Silver Keys, you can increase your chances of finding them from the above Leezpunk method by hunting down Leezpunk Ignis. You can find this Pal all over the Western side of the volcanic region, especially near the coast, so you will need some heat-resistant armor before going after them. This specific Pal type doesn’t drop Copper Keys, but has a higher chance of dropping a Silver one when caught or captured. Because they’re so rare, you are still better off simply hunting regular Leezpunks or taking advantage of raids.

Any chest requiring a key has far better rewards than not, so stocking up before exploring is well worth your time so you don’t leave a ton of valuable loot unclaimed.

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