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How to pre-order Dead Island 2: retailers, editions, and bonuses

Some of us out there have been waiting on Dead Island 2 since 2014, when it was first revealed with a cinematic trailer. Little did we know at the time that the game would not only be delayed but that the original developers would leave the project. And then, the second team picking up where they left off would also be removed, and the game would finally land with its final team at Dambuster Studios. There are few games that can survive this long of a development cycle, and even fewer that can somehow still make it to market after passing hands so many times, and yet Dead Island 2 refuses to die.

With its re-reveal at Gamescom 2022, Dead Island 2 was quick to slap a solid release date of February 3, 2023, on the game to build some goodwill and trust among fans who have been waiting for close to a decade already. Not long after, pre-orders were launched, further cementing the fact that, yes, this game is actually coming out. Whether you’ve been waiting since 2014 or are just hearing about the franchise now, here are all the details on how to pre-order Dead Island 2 and what each edition comes with.

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How to pre-order Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is coming to every major console (except the Switch) as well as PC via all their respective digital storefronts. Physical editions appear to only be available to pre-order on Amazon at the moment but may also pop up at other chains soon. The easiest way to pre-order, no matter which platform or format you want the game on, is through the game’s official website, where you can select your platform, physical or digital, and version all in one spot.

Standard and Day One Editions

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The Standard and Day One Editions are exactly the same, except, for whatever reason, it is called the Standard Edition for the digital version and Day One for the physical. This version costs $70 for all platforms, including the last-generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, except for PC, which is just $60. Here’s what you get in these versions:

  • The base game
  • Memories of Banoi Pack: Banoi war club, memories of Banoi baseball bat, Balanced weapon perk, personal space skill card

Deluxe Edition

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The Deluxe edition is the middle-tier edition that is only available digitally. This one is only marginally more expensive than the previous editions at $75 for all PlayStation and Xbox systems, again including last-generation systems, or $65 for PC. Here’s what that extra $5 will get you:

  • Everything included in the Standard/Day One Edition
  • Golden Weapons Pack
  • Character Pack 1 and 2

Pulp Edition

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Unfortunately, the Pulp Edition doesn’t seem to be available just yet, so we can’t say how much this version will cost, though we suspect it will also be $75. Since it is a physical-only edition, there’s no PC option at all, either. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t know what is included:

  • Everything included in the Standard/Day One Edition
  • Pulp weapons pack: The homewrecker hammer and eye opener pitchfork

Gold Edition

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This is your most expensive and expansive option if you’re going for a digital version of Dead Island 2. This is the largest price jump yet, going up to $90 for all consoles but just $80 for PC. If you know you’re going to be living in this game for a while, it may be worth the extra cash to grab this edition, which includes:

  • Everything included in the Deluxe and Standard Editions
  • The expansion pass, which will give players access to two new story chapters released sometime after launch

Hell-A Edition

The dead island 2 collectors pack.

Love or hate the pun, this is the most expensive edition you can get for this zombie-slaying sequel. Thankfully, this edition doesn’t have anything as garish as the original’s zombie bust statue but actually does come with some cool physical collectibles. You can pick this edition up only for PS4, PS5, or Xbox Series X for a cool $100. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • Everything from the Pulp Edition
  • Everything from the Gold Edition
  • Exclusive steelbook
  • Venice beach travel map
  • Six slayer tarot cards
  • Two pins
  • One patch

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