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Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’s release date remains a mystery

Indie pulling a stone from a frozen corpse.
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A new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle premiered during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. No firm release date was given, and the trailer just reiterates a window of 2024.

The new trailer gave us a better look at what Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will play like when it launches later this year. The footage shown off features Indy in a frozen battleship in the Himalayas searching for an artifact before he is taken hostage and interrogated by Nazis. The scene is full of quick dialogue and improvisation, just like the source material.

Official Showcase Reveal: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle - Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Gameplay is only shown in clips of Indie punching, whipping, and even frying-panning enemies with only a single gunshot presented. Despite MachineGames’ prior titles being so heavily gunplay-focused, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, at least at this point, appears to feature very little shooting.

Taking place between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will center around Jones investigating the theft of a special artifact from Marshall College. His journey will lead him to a set of locations around the globe forming a circle, such as the Sukhothai temples in Thailand, Egyptian pyramids, and the Himalayas. Joining him on his quest will be investigative reporter Gina Lombardi.

This will be the first non-Wolfenstien or Quake title MachineGames has developed.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will a be a day-one addition to Game Pass when it eventually launches sometime in 2024.

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