Sony taking PS4 owners on a Journey later this month

Indie studio Thatgamecompany’s pensive, emotional adventure game Journey will find a new home on the PlayStation 4 later this month, publisher Sony announced.

Journey is a freewheeling 3D platformer that puts players on a pilgrimage to a mysterious distant land. The trek spans massive deserts and ancient ruins, and the wordless quest features emotional high points throughout.

Journey is also known for its inventive approach to online co-op, pairing players up with anonymous companions who are exploring the same stretch of territory at the same time. Players only have limited methods of interacting with one another, and the emergent ways in which co-op partners join and leave the quest puts a unique, personal spin on each playthrough.

Sony notes that the PlayStation 4 version of Journey will be available as a free download for players who previously purchased the game’s 2012’s PlayStation 3 edition. Players are also invited to share their personal experiences with the game at, a site that collects user tweets and videos praising Journey‘s uniquely structured quest.

Journey broke established PlayStation Network sales records upon its launch in 2012, and was later featured in a retail Collector’s Edition alongside its fellow Thatgamecompany-developed PSN standouts. Its soundtrack was nominated in the 2013 Grammy Awards for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media. Journey is the third in a string of remastered PS4 ports from Thatgamecompany and designer Jenova Chen, following up on the 2013 launches of Flower and Flow for Sony’s newest console platform.

Journey will launch for the PlayStation 4 digitally via the PlayStation Network on July 21.