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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: All Datacard locations

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is jam-packed with content. Aside from just retelling the entire story of all nine mainline Star Wars films, which itself is a huge amount to go through, the game has thousands of characters, collectibles, cheats, and optional objectives and side activities that can easily double, or perhaps triple, your time with the game. There are some collectibles, however, that are more important than the rest. In the case of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, there are two prime examples of this: Kyber Bricks and Datacards.

Unlike Kyber Bricks, which there are over 1,000 of in the game, Datacards are much more limited. Their rarity also makes them highly valuable since you will need to seek them out to spend them on the all-important, or just plain fun, extras the game offers. In total, there are only 19 of these hidden items spread across Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and they are all found in the various open-world areas of the game, meaning they can be extra hard to track down. Going in episodic order, we’ve charted out your course for all the Datacard locations in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

Note that while we will list Datacards in episodic order, some locations are also accessible in later episodes as well.

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All Episode 1 Datacard locations

The first Episode has two Datacards we need to locate.

Qui gon running through Tatooine.

Our first one is in the Mos Espa location on Tatooine. Head to Anakin’s house in the northwest corner of the Slave Quarters area and go around behind the block of homes. In this ally, travel all the way down to the end — you will see a box of Lego blocks here — and enter a little carved out doorway. The Datacard will be among some droid parts on the ground.

The second Datacard is in the Federal District on Coruscant. Go to the far northwest section of the map where there is a large open space with a big statue in the middle. Go to the right of the big red door and smash the stack of crates to reveal a hole you can drop down. Follow the path you land on around the building until you hit a force field connected to two red buttons. Use two characters to stand on each button, disabling the field and letting you inside to snag this easy Datacard.

All Episode 2 Datacard locations

Now in Episode 2, but still on Coruscant, we need to go to the Uscru District, which you reach right after beating the mission called A Wrestle with Wesell. Head to the far south of the map to the circular structure disconnected from the rest of the area. Once you reach it, you need to look for the prompts on the railing to jump across to the tower. Once across, just run around to the backside to pick up the Datacard.

Qui gon near Jabba's palace.

Back on the desert of Tatooine, in the Jundland Wastes specifically, and have at least one Jedi character available. This is much easier to get in Episode 4 than 2, since you will be taken to Ben Kenobi’s house, which is the easiest path to the Datacard. In either case, from Ben’s house, go left and use a Jedi character to climb the cliff above. Continue along this route until you need to use the Force to replace a Twirl Pole in the wall to let you cross a gap. You’ll fight some Jawas, do more platforming, and eventually climb up to a point where you’re in view of Jabba’s palace. The Datacard is hard to see among the rocks, but is on the other side of this ravine. You will need to take a running double jump to clear the distance, but it is doable.

The last stop in Episode 2 is the Stalgasin Hive on Geonosis and will require you to have one character from the Scavenger Class, which unfortunately you don’t get at this point in the prequel trilogy, meaning you will have to come back for it later. Once you have one, go to the area near the middle of the map where you first land on the planet. To the west, look along the cliffs for a surface you can use the Net Launcher on. Make your way all the way up to the top and go to the northeast side, and now begin making your way down, following the blue Studs for guidance. You will see some handholds you can use to climb up a different part of the wall here that will take you right to the Datacard in a small cave.

All Episode 3 Datacard locations

A wookie looking at a datacard.

On the Wookie planet of Kashyyyk, in the Kachirho area, head to the tower farthest to the north on the map. This is also the location where you begin the The Battle of Kashyyyk main mission. At the top, go into the tunnel and take a left that leads to the path splitting into three directions. Go down the far left path to get back outside, platform your way across a gap, but stop on the second platform. From here, turn left to spot a the Datacard floating in a window you can reach.

Our final prequel trilogy Datacard is on the lava planet of Mustafar, in the Mining Complex. Go to the north end of this map where you will go over a bridge that has yellow colored steps next to a giant lava waterfall. Take the next set of stairs that will be on the east and up to a platform next to a giant pipe with handholds built in. Grapple along the path to this Datacard.

All Episode 4 Datacard locations

Now in the original trilogy, we start off in Episode 4 on Tatooine. In Mos Eisley, go to the northwest side of the area and look for a building with a bunch of awnings. Way up there will be the Datacard in plain view, but quite out of reach. To get up there, bring out a Jedi and use the Force to move two boxes, stack them, and use them for the extra height for your double jump to snag this card.

A sith in a ship hangar.

At the Great Temple on Yavin 4, start off at the landing pad and go south. Stay on the ground level and look for some handholds built into the big stone pillar running across the center of the landing bay. Grapple on and get up top and easily collect this Datacard.

All Episode 5 Datacard locations

R2 grappling on lights.

While in the main hanger of Echo Base on Hoth this time, you can easily spot this Datacard floating above one of the lights. To reach it, face the northeast side of the base first and grapple onto the convenient hand holds. Once you grab on the second one, spin around to face away from the wall to spot the next point you can grapple to hanging from the ceiling. Follow these along the roof all the way to your Daracard.

Down in the dirty swamps of Dragonsnake Bog on Dagobah, go to the south and look above some branches to spot the Datacard in a sort of tucked away section of the map. Once you spot it, all it takes is a single grapple up to a handhold and you can hop over to the collectible.

A rare third Datacard for a single episode, we finish off on Bespin in Cloud City. This card requires you to have both a Scavanger Class as well as the Scavenger Tools. With all that ready, head to the south of the main plaza on the fourth level. In this corner you will find a panel you can break across a gap. Hop over and use your Breaker Blaster to destroy the panel and climb inside to collect the Datacard.

All Episode 6 Datacard locations

An ewok shooting a target.

Our only stop in Episode 6 is going to be in the Ewok Village on Endor. Look for a tree on the north end of the map and go to the second floor from the bottom. Here you will see a big Lego bulls-eye target hidden behind a couple of vines. Shoot through to hit the target, which will trigger a second target to appear. Hit this one as well, and a hidden passage will open up on the tree you can enter to find this lone Datacard.

All Episode 7 Datacard locations

A Twilek running in the desert.

Not to be confused with Tatooine, The Niima Outpost on Jakku has our first Datacard in the north end of the map called the Niima Canyon. Climb over so you’re north of the dunes and look for a big gray tube you can climb up using a bright orange ladder. At the bottom of the inside is your trusty Datacard.

After arriving at Maz’s Castle on Takodana, go left from the landing pad around the central lake. You can spot the Datacard in the water, but don’t try jumping in for it. Instead, spot the handhold you can grapple on the ruins just beside the shore. Hit the button on top to lift up the chest holding the Datacard inside.

All Episode 8 Datacard locations

A lego man falling onto a balcony.

We’ll make our trip to Canto Bight on Cantonica as quickly as possible. In the middle of town, look for a dead end on your map just north of the shore in the Old Town zone. Look up to see it floating on a second-floor balcony. The grapple points to reach it are right there as well, so just follow them up and drop down to snag it.

In the Crait outpost on, well, Crait, head to the landing pad bay and look to the northeast. You will see the card here, but need to actually start off on the west by climbing the set of ladders. Once you’re as high up as you can go, locate the card again and a grapple point on the pipe next to it. Jump, grapple, and leap again to snag it. You have to hit it while in mid-air, so be careful or you will fall and have to try again.

All Episode 9 Datacard locations

We conclude our hunt with two more Datacards in the final film. First up, we need to head to the Crash Site on Kef Bir. In the north is Company 77 Village, and in the south part of this little community are some cottages with straw roofs. Head behind them to find the hidden Datacard.

Darth vader balancing on a pipe.

Our final card is deep in enemy territory in the Sith Citadel on Exegol. Once again begin at the landing bay and head south to go down the lift one level to the large open room. Look left and you can see the card floating above some pipes running between the walls up above. To reach it, look south and find the rope dangling down from the roof. Climb up, leap over onto the pipe, and walk your way over to collect your 19th and final Datacard in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

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