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Prepare to cry again when ‘Life is Strange 2’ arrives in September

Life is Strange 2 Release Date Reveal

Square Enix has turned Life is Strange into a full-fledged franchise since the game’s first season premiered in early 2015, and the publisher — along with developer Dontnod Entertainment — are preparing to take us on an all-new adventure soon. Life is Strange 2 will launch in September.

Dontnod made the announcement on its social media accounts on Friday, June 22, revealing that the first of five episodes in Life is Strange 2 will be out September 27. More information on the game will be provided in August.

No platforms were given in the announcement teaser, but it appears we’ll be following another student in the sequel. The game’s title and release information are stitched into the back of what looks to be a backpack, which has been pretty badly scuffed and torn — we might not be heading to an affluent school like Blackwell Academy.

Following the release of Life is Strange, Square Enix and developer Deck Nine began work on the prequel game Life is Strange: Before the Storm, which stars a younger Chloe Price. Due to a SAG-AFTRA strike, original voice actor Ashly Burch was unable to reprise her role, but she did return for one bonus episode alongside Max Caulfield actress Hannah Telle. After the strike has ended, the two actors could appear in future games, though it’s unlikely Life is Strange 2 will focus on either of them.

If you can’t wait a few months for Life is Strange 2, you can check out the free game The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC June 25. The short stand-alone adventure features some information on the story and characters in Life is Strange 2, but Dontnod won’t make it easy to deduce. It stars an imaginative 10-year-old named Chris who creates his own fun, pretending to be a superhero or an astronaut, apparently as a way to cope with his lack of friends at school. If you haven’t checked out any Life is Strange games yet, it gives you the perfect opportunity to do so.

Dontnod Entertainment is keeping itself busy. In addition to its Life is Strange projects, the studio recently released Vampyr, and its dark mystery Twin Mirror is coming to consoles and PC in 2019.

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