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How to get a segway in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

As soon as the trailer dropped showing Ichiban rolling through Hawaii on a segway in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, we knew we had to experience that for ourselves. While the real things are not all that exciting anymore, they are actually extremely useful within the game. If you expect to be given one as part of the story, you’ll end up with sore feet from hoofing it across the island. If you want to explore Hawaii in style, you’ll want to grab a Street Surfer as soon as possible. Here’s how you can snag one and get rolling!

How to get the Street Surfer

Ichiban about to ride a segway.

The Street Surfer doesn’t take long to get, but you do have to go out of your way a bit to get it. You will need to finish the short substory called Surfin’ the Streets! which unlocks during Chapter 3. You can find it on Seaside Ave., directly south of ABC Shop on the map. As soon as you’re near the icon on the map, this substory will automatically trigger.

Just proceed through the little story, making sure to take the Street Surfer for a test drive, and at the end, you will be given one free of charge.

You can use the Street Surfer any time you are out in the world by pressing down on the D-pad to mount up. You can roll around as normal, only moving much faster, but also automatically drive to any destination you have set on your map by hitting R2. The segway does run on a battery, though, and you will eventually need to pay to recharge it at one of the stations marked on your map. This is also where you can customize it with new paint jobs and tires you collect to ride around Hawaii in style.

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