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How to get every ending in Lords of the Fallen

Soulslike games love to have multiple endings that are just as cryptic and mysterious as the overall story is to unlock. Lords of the Fallen borrows this same idea in addition to the huge swath of weapons and gear to hunt down and experiment with. It will be tough enough for most players to just reach the end of this punishing game, but for those who are looking to go the extra mile, there are multiple endings with very specific requirements that lock away some very appealing rewards. The process of getting a new ending is far more difficult than answering a question or choosing a dialogue option at the end of the game. It will take quite a bit of preparation, so we’ll detail exactly how you can get each ending in Lords of the Fallen and what it will give you.

All Lords of the Fallen endings

A warrior stands in an Umbral hallway in Lords of the Fallen.
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There are three unique endings you can unlock in Lords of the Fallen known as the Radiance, Inferno, and Umbral endings. All three are tied to a Trophy/Achievement, plus unlock a new class.

Radiance ending

We’ll start with the most basic ending that you will probably get by default. The Radiance ending is unlocked if you cleanse all of the beacons, which is your explicit goal, and then move along the main path and beat all the bosses.

This ending will give you the Radiant Purifier class.

Inferno ending

The Inferno ending is much more complex, and you need to plan for it right from the start of the game. First, you need to not cleanse a single beacon, but still defeat the bosses protecting them and collect the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters. After beating the Sundered Monarch in Bramis Castle, talk to the Effigy of Adyr which will turn your Rune of Adyr into the Empowered Rune of Adyr. Use this rune on each of the five beacons then defeat and enter the mind of the Judge Cleric Sentinal. Finally, using the rune with Iselle will trigger this ending.

The Inferno ending will unlock the Lord class.

Umbral ending

Saving the most complex for last, it would be easier to simply list all the requirements for the Umbral ending for clarity. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Do not cleanse any beacons.
  • Beat Harrower Dervia the Pledged Knight and The Unbroken Promise in the Revelation Depths and find the well in the boss arena.
  • Buy and use the Umbral Scouring Climp at the well to go to Mother’s Lull.
  • Interact with the Remnant to get the Damarose’s Seedpod.
  • Use the seedpod on Damarose to kill her.
  • Repeat the process with Gerlinde’s Seedpod you get back at Mother’s Lull.
  • Beat The Lightreaper and get The Lightreaper’s Umbral Parasite.
  • Go back to Skyrest and use the parasite in the column near Molhu.
  • Get Melchior’s Seedpod from Mother’s Lull and the Rune of Adyr from the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters.
  • Give the rune to the Remnant to get the Withered Rune of Adyr.
  • Use the seedpod on Melchior’s body in Bramis Castle.
  • Use the Withered Rune on The Iron Wayfarer in Fief of the Chill Curse to kill him and get Harkyn’s Umbral Parasite.
  • Use this parasite in the same place as the first.
  • Speak to Pieta and choose to soulflay to start a boss battle.
  • Win and get Elainne’s Umbral Parasite, which also goes in the column.
  • Talk to Molhu and enter Mother’s Lull and progress to the Umbral ending.

This ending will unlock the Putrid Child class.

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