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Where to get the Sunless Skein Key in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen has an abundance of shortcuts to find throughout its vast and densely-packed levels, but they’re often locked behind doors that require you to round up specific keys to unlock them. Such is the case with the Sunless Skein Key, which you won’t be able to find until pretty far into your adventure. As a matter of fact, it’s probable that you’ll come across a door asking for this key well before you actually find it. Luckily, Lords of the Fallen’s interconnected world means you’ll almost certainly come back across those doors later in your journey anyway. When you’re ready to seek out and add the Sunless Skein Key to your key ring, check below for everything you need to know.

Where to get the Sunless Skein Key

The Sunless Skein Key is found relatively late in the game while exploring an area known as, well, Sunless Skein. This dark and dreary area is filled with baddies and will take some time to work your way through, but you’ll eventually reach the Hoist vestige, which will put you pretty close to getting your hands on the key.

From the Hoist vestige, exit the small room out the way you first entered it, taking an immediate left towards the nearby lever.

Sunless Skein in Lords of the Fallen.
CI Games

Go past this lever and over to a bridge you can lower as a shortcut to the other side. Cross over this bridge and continue straight through to the cavern until you reach a new room.

Sunless Skein in Lords of the Fallen.
CI Games

Defeat the enemies here and pass through the small archway ahead. In this next room, you’ll notice a lot of cages everywhere, but there’s also a ladder to the right of the area which you can climb to reach a lever you’ll need to pull.

Sunless Skein in Lords of the Fallen.
CI Games

While you’re up here, look across to an item on a cage on the opposite side of the walkway from the lever. This just so happens to be the key you’ve come here to snag. You won’t be able to jump to the key, however. Instead, break out your Umbral Lamp and slowly walk across the pathway that it creates. On the other side, you can finally grab the Sunless Skein Key.

Sunless Skein in Lords of the Fallen.
CI Games

With the Sunless Skein Key finally added to your inventory, you can now open a handful of different doors you’ll come across as you continue exploring, allowing you to create shortcuts and access new areas throughout the game world.

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