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Mario Golf: Super Rush goes to New Donk City with free update today

Mario Golf: Super Rush is getting its first free update today, August 5. It will include a new mode, character, course, and improved features.

This comes by way of the official Nintendo of America Twitter account, which features a quick video for the new update.

🏌️ Fore! #MarioGolf: Super Rush scores a free update later today.

✔️ New mode: Ranked Match
✔️ New character: Toadette
✔️ New course: New Donk City
✔️ Improved motion controls

Look forward to more updates later this year!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) August 5, 2021

Most notably, the update features Toadette as a brand new character who touts her devastating special move that sends the ball flying with force. Beyond that, the previously announced New Donk City course is coming, which is based on the fictional city in Super Mario Odyssey.

The free update also includes a new Ranked Match mode, which will allow players to test their skills in a more competitive sense. The Ranked mode keeps track of a player’s points, wins, and other stats that one can aim to improve. Those who reach A- or higher gain access to multiple Yoshi colors, including blue, red, or yellow.

Finally, this update aims to improve motion controls, though Nintendo hasn’t specified what that entails. As it stands, the motion controls work well enough but could certainly stand to be improved due to how finicky they can sometimes be.

Nintendo reiterated that more updates would be added “later this year,” though it’s unclear when and what to expect from them specifically.

Mario Golf: Super Rush debuted back in June and has already become the second bestselling game in the series, reaching 1.34 million copies sold. It sits just behind the original Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, which has sold around 1.47 million copies since 1999.

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