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Marvel’s Midnight Suns hero guide: every hero explained and ranked

The roster of Marvel’s Midnight Suns features a fun mix of iconic heroes alongside some more obscure, lesser-known heroes. Playing as a completely new character called The Hunter, which you create yourself, you will build up your team of heroes as you progress on your journey to defeat Lilith. Unlike XCOM and many other tactics games, your cast of characters is completely set, and each hero has distinct strengths, weaknesses, and ideal roles in combat.

With a big roster to pick from, and even more coming through DLC, it can quickly get overwhelming which ones you want to bring for any given mission. To help you assemble the perfect squad to take down Lilith’s army of demonic forces, here’s a quick guide on every hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns and which ones are the best of the best.

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1. The Hunter

The Hunter is the new, created character for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Being your avatar, and required for every mission in the game, this is the most versatile hero on the roster. You can alter The Hunter’s deck to suit just about any role, from DPS, control, support, or even mixtures. You also need to pay attention to which alignment you follow, though: either Light, Dark, or Power. Which one you go down will give you powers focused in different areas, such as Light giving more support abilities, Dark on damage, and Power being somewhat balanced. Build this hero to complement the other heroes in your team.

2. Captain America

An early character unlock, good old Cap is a nice mix of a tank and damage dealer. Many of his cards focus on building up his block and taunting enemies to attack him, but he can also use that block to buff his damage. You can choose to play him as a straight tank and do well, but if you can add another hero to further apply block to him, he can suddenly become your strongest attacker on the field (at least for one attack).

3. Iron Man

You don’t have to be a genius to use Iron Man, but you’ll feel like one when you do. His deck is focused on letting you redraw and upgrade cards, which has a nice mix of attacks based on all his suit’s abilities, such as single-target repulsor attacks or his wide-range and piercing unibeam. Just be careful about filling up your hand too much and ending up with an excess of cards you can’t play.

4. Hulk

Just like Ghost Rider, Hulk is naturally a powerhouse when it comes to unleashing pain. The first major drawback to him is simply how long it takes to add him to your team, but once you do, there’s little reason not to bring him along when you need something dead. In keeping with his powers, Hulk will get stronger as he takes damage. A support is obviously a good pick to back him up, but he does have a few cards that can allow him to heal himself too. Best of all, he can’t suffer injuries, so you can bring him out on missions whenever you want.

5. Captain Marvel

As one of the most powerful characters in Marvel, it makes sense that Captain Marvel herself is one of the most powerful heroes you can put on your team. Her main ability is her binary state, in which she deals double damage and gains tons of block, making her a one-woman army. Add in plenty of crowd-control attacks and taunts and there’s always a spot for Captain Marvel.

6. Blade

Blade is all about hitting hard and causing bleed and lifesteal. Bleed causes damage over time to enemies hit with it, and lifesteal restores his HP based on how much damage he hits them for. Blade has no issues with range, but does need a good support hero to make his hits really pack a punch.

7. Spider-Man

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swings into action with tons of Quick cards that, when chained together, let you pull of long combos without costing actions. This makes him great at cleaning up smaller mobs, but not so good against tanky units. His only real utility against them is using his web abilities to immobilize them for a bit.

8. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch’s magic is arguably the best AoE in the entire game. She has great range, but benefits even more from putting herself right up in the action before attacking by applying debuffs to nearby enemies. What she lacks is any way to generate more actions or ways to deal with strong individual units.

9. Wolverine

Ready to slice and dice, bub? Wolverine is a mixture of a tank and dishing out damage to multiple targets in a single move. Due to his healing factor, which works through the lifesteal mechanic as well as the ability to heal every time cards are redrawn, he can keep himself healthy while slashing multiple enemies at once. Once he builds up his full combo, his chain abilities get bugged with an extra status effect.

10. Doctor Strange

The good doctor is a pure support hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Most of his best skills require the use of heroism, which allows them to become enhanced versions of themselves. Just like a doctor should, Strange can heal, recover abilities, hide allies, let you draw more cards, and more. He’s a great complement to teams that already build a lot of heroism.

11. Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is all about chaining (get it?) kills together one after another. Every kill he gets will add to his soul meter which, once full, gives a massive buff to his total HP. This is important because, while he can deal insane amounts of damage all on his own, most of his attacks come at the cost of his own HP. This makes him a great asset, but only if you have another hero on the team that can support and keep him alive.

12. Magik

Our first real control hero is one you may not be very familiar with. Magik has the ability to create portals on the battlefield that let you reposition enemies almost anywhere you like to set up devastating combos. This is especially handy in Marvel’s Midnight Suns since you can only move one hero once per turn. She pairs great with any hero that can take full advantage of grouped-up enemies.

13. Nico Minoru

Nico is a tough character to rely on since a lot of her abilities use the roulette mechanic that, as you can probably guess, makes any effect her cards have completely random until you draw them. While you can’t account for everything — even some of her attacks will target random foes — all her abilities are still quite strong if you can adapt to a bit of randomness.

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