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Monster Hunter Rise’s first free update brings new creatures in April

Monster Hunter Rise is getting its first free update in April. It will add new monsters to the newly released game, as well as unannounced features.

Released over the weekend to critical acclaim, Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment of the popular action RPG series. The game has already shipped more than four million units and now Capcom is poised to capitalize with two new updates.

A free version 2.0 will be available sometime in late April. The update’s main draw is that it adds two major monsters to the game: The returning Chameleos and Apex Rathalos. The latter will be part of a Rampage hunt, which is a new tower defense-type feature in the game.

Hunters, your #MHRise journey starts today, but we already see (?) new threats creeping on the horizon…

Title Update Ver. 2.0 coming late April.

— Monster Hunter (@monsterhunter) March 26, 2021

Capcom says that “additional monsters” will be available in the update. Version 2.0 also includes a “Hunter Rank” cap and “a few other related features.”

Looking ahead, the studio is already teasing the update after 2.0. Version 3.0 doesn’t have a release window, but Capcom says it’ll bring even more monsters to the game. More notably, the future update will add a new ending to the game.

Both updates will be free to all players, as has been the case with previous Monster Hunter games. The game does feature paid DLC, though that’s strictly for items and cosmetics.

Monster Hunter Rise is now available for the Nintendo Switch. In our review, we said: “Post-game updates will ultimately decide whether this is a surefire classic or simply a solid stepping stone to something greater, but even at launch, Monster Hunter has never felt better.”

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