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Monster Hunter Rise: How to unlock all secret Palico support moves in Sunbreak

First introduced in Monster Hunter World, Palicos are your trusty cat companions that you can always rely on to back you up during a hunt even when no other human players are around to lend a hand. These feline friends come in different types depending on what type of support you're looking for when taking on your next mission. Now that the Sunbreak DLC has launched for Monster Hunter Rise, you'll need as much help as you can get to tackle the new class of monsters waiting for you.




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What You Need

  • Sunbreak DLC

To help even the odds, your Palicos can now learn new secret Support Moves to further increase their use in battle. Unlike Monster Hunter World, Monster Hunter Rise has five different Palico types you can choose from, each with its own new support move to unlock. Unlike the base Support Moves each type has, which unlocks via leveling up, the new moves found in Sunbreak are unlocked through a different method. To keep your Palico feisty and fierce, here's how to unlock all their new secret Support Moves in Monster Hunter Rise.

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A cat sailor cleaning the deck.

How to unlock the secret Support Moves

Again, these new moves won't be earned by leveling up your Palico anymore. Instead, the new moves are obtained after meeting two requirements: finding and talking to a special Palico in the new Elgado Outpost in the Monster Hunter Rise DLC, and then completing their request. There's a different Palico and request for each Palico type to learn one additional move. Here's where to find each Palico to talk to and what their request is.

How a palico move works.

How to learn Felyne Fireworks for the Bombardier Palico

Step 1: This Palico is named Sue the Researcher, located behind the meeting area with Admiral Galleus.

Step 2: Speak to Sue to receive the request to complete three Master rank quests with a Bombardier Palico companion.

Step 3: Once done, Felyne Fireworks will command your Palico to set up a giant firework that goes off after a set period of time to deal damage in a large area.

An overview of a Palico mine.

How to learn The Ameowzing Mist for the Assist Palico

Step 1: The next Palico to find is named Rowan the Sailor. You can find them on the docks behind the Wandering Felyne Supy.

Step 2: After talking to Rowan, complete three Master rank quests with an Assist Palico to earn this Support Move.

Step 3: The Ameowzing Mist move is a trap that has your Palico lay down a mine that deals elemental damage to any monster that sets it off.

A description of the lottery box.

How to learn The Lottery Box for the Support Palico

Step 1: Our next Palico to find is named Tartar the Sailor, who is cleaning the ship on the docks of Elgado Outpost.

Step 2: Speak to Tartar and, you guessed it, complete three more Master rank requests with a Gathering Palico to earn the move.

Step 3: The Lottery Box, unlike a litter box, is one you'll want to investigate. When used, your Palico will drop down a box that holds a random scroll. Once you pick one out, whatever support move is on it will be performed.

How a palico move works.

How to learn the Felyne Powered-Up for the Fighter Palico

Step 1: Ziretta the Sailor is your next Palico to track down. They are hanging out on the deck of the ship closest to the shop stands in Elgado Outpost, swabbing the deck.

Step 2: Ziretta will have you go out and do three more Master rank requests with a Fighter Palico to earn this new move.

Step 3: Felyne Powered-Up lets your Palico perform a special dance that buffs all Support Moves and Palamute Gear.

A description of a support move.

How to learn Healing Clover Bat for the Healing Palico

Step 1: Our final Palico to talk to is Wandering Felyne Supy. This little dude is hanging out on the dock beside the smithy.

Step 2: Complete your final three Master rank requests, this time with a Healing Palico on your team, to unlock the final Support Move.

Step 3: Healing Clover Bat lets your Palico summon a bat that will automatically dust you with healing powder once you've dealt enough damage to a monster.

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