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How to breed all Fusion Pals in Palworld

There’s a lot you can do with your Pals in Palworld that you probably wouldn’t think of by looking at it. Aside from catching and battling them, you will also be putting them to work at your base, collecting resources like Paldium and Coal to give you a constant supply of materials to craft with. Unlike other monster-catching titles, Pals don’t evolve in Palworld, but instead can be bred to pass on their traits. While you could throw any two Pals in the farm to breed, so long as they are male and female, the result will usually be a random Pal. However, if you know which two specific Pals to pair up, you can get a much more powerful Fusion Pal when the lucky egg hatches. Here are all the Pal combinations that result in a Fusion Pal in Palworld.

How to get every Fusion Pal

Once you’ve built your Breeding Farm and have a Cake ready to go, you can mix the following two parent Pals to get the resulting Fusion Pal.

First Parent Second Parent Fusion Pal
Blazehowl Felbat Blazehowl Noct
Broncherry Fuack Broncherry Aqua
Dinossum Rayhound Dinossom Lux
Eikthyrdeer Hangyu Eikthyrdeer Terra
Elphidran Surfent Elphidran Aqua
Frostallion Helzephyr Frostallion Noct
Gobfin Rooby Gobfin Ignis
Hangyu Swee Hangyu Cryst
Kingpaca Reindrix Ice Kingpaca
Reptyro Foxcicle Ice Reptyro
Incineram Maraith Incineram Noct
Jormuntide Ignis Jormuntide Ignis Jormuntide Ignis
Jolthog Pengullet Jolthog Cryst
Leezpunk Flambelle Leezpunk Ignis
Lyleen Menasting Lyleen Noct
Mammorest Wumpo Mammorest Cryst
Mau Pengullet Mau Cryst
Mossanda Grizzbolt Mossanda Lux
Pyrin Katress Pyrin Noct
Robinquill Fuddler Robinquill Terra
Relaxaurus Sparkit Relaxaurus Lux
Surfent Dumud Surfent Terra
Suzaku Jormuntide Suzaku Aqua
Vanwyrm Foxcicle Vanwyrm Cryst

Note that the Frostallion Noct Fusion Pal requires you to have a Frostallion, which is a Legendary and much harder to obtain.

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