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MultiVersus gets a closed alpha and EVO tournament

Player First Games and WB Games finally gave us another look at the wacky Warner Bros. crossover fighter MultiVersus. We not only get to see developers fight Smash Bros. pros KAKAT and VoiD, but got confirmation of a closed alpha and EVO appearance as well.

MultiVersus is a “platform fighter” that plays similarly to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead of video game characters, this game gathers a lot of iconic Warner Bros. characters like Shaggy, Superman, and Steven Universe, and the game emphasizes 2v2 matches as the primary mode. Warner Bros. revealed the game last November after lots of leaks, and this is our first in-depth look at the game since then. While the video doesn’t reveal too much outside of some new stages, it’s our best look yet at how MultiVersus plays. 

MultiVersus – Pros Vs Devs Showcase (Ft. NAKAT & VoiD)

Alongside this new video, Warner Bros. Games also confirmed that it is holding a closed alpha across all platforms between May 19 and May 27 to test cross-play and rollback netcode. You can sign up for the alpha on MultiVersus‘ website.

Surprisingly, we also learned that a MultiVersus tournament will be held at EVO this year. EVO is an annual event where pro players compete in the most popular fighting games. While MultiVersus isn’t one of EVO’s main games as it hasn’t launched yet, Warner Bros is still holding a 2 vs. 2 tournament for MultiVersus during the event.

MultiVersus does not have a firm release date yet, but we know it will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X as a free-to-play game sometime later this year. 

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