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‘Fortnite Mobile’ improvements on the way: 60 FPS, controller support, and more

Epic Games revealed in its State of Mobile Development – November 2018 announcement that there are some important Fortnite Mobile features on the way which will further improve the playing experience on smartphones and tablets.

Get an update on current development efforts for Fortnite Mobile in our November State of Dev!

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 2, 2018

Epic Games said that it has started giving Fortnite Mobile players more control over their in-game heads-up display by allowing them to decide which elements are active or inactive at any given moment. The developer is apparently working towards an even more customizable HUD.

The announcement also revealed that Epic is starting testing on different controller setups, as it works to enable controller support for Fortnite Mobile. The developer did not mention a timeframe for the release of the feature, nor what kind of controllers will likely be supported by the game.

A limited number of high-end devices will also receive 60 FPS functionality soon, with Epic Games now testing some of them to make sure that they can maintain a high level of performance over multiple matches without the risk of overheating. Again, there is no word on possible smartphones and tablets that will likely support the feature.

Lastly, Epic Games said that it is continuing its efforts to improve performance across the board for Fortnite Mobile compatible devices. The developer is working to make major improvements to Android 7 and some other older operating systems, as well as on large scale optimizations to decrease the memory that Fortnite Mobile uses up to deliver more consistent frame rate when play sessions go long. Epic Games is also changing how its shader cache system operates on iOS devices to reduce the size and impact on memory.

Fortnite Mobile players are recommended to update their device’s operating system regularly in order to take advantage of the optimizations that Epic Games is making on the massively popular multiplayer shooter. The developer is also working to make update files smaller, so that players will not have to wait too long before they are able to jump back in to the Battle Royale matches.

Epic Games launched Fortnite Mobile first on the iOS, then on Android a few months later.  Here are some tips and tricks for Fortnite Battle Royale, as well as some more specific advice for Fortnite Mobile.

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