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Hellblade developer Ninja Theory confirms it won’t replace voice actors with AI

Ninja Theory, the developer behind the Hellblade series, denies that it will replace human voice actors with AI.

In a response to a Twitter user asking if the studio would do such a thing, Ninja Theory stated: “No. For clarity, we use this AI tech for placeholder content only to help us understand things like timing and placement in early phases of development. We then collaborate with real actors whose performances are at the heart of bringing our stories to life.”

No. For clarity, we use this AI tech for placeholder content only to help us understand things like timing and placement in early phases of development. We then collaborate with real actors whose performances are at the heart of bringing our stories to life.

— Ninja Theory (@NinjaTheory) September 23, 2022

This clarification comes after a report about the use of AI in video games and a company called Altered AI, which aims to provide game developers tools to create professional voice performances.

One of Altered AI’s clients is Ninja Theory, and the report called out the irony that Senua actress Melina Juergens got the role even though she was the studio’s video editor because they didn’t have technology like this during the prototype stage. The report also mentions that Curve Games has used AI voice tech for The Ascent.

AI has always been in video games, such as including them as opponents in combat. Big companies like Sony have been investing more in AI and developing AI Agents that can play alongside human players. Ninja Theory is working on several games right now, including Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and Project: Mara. The former has been confirmed to release on Xbox Series X|S and PC, while the latter only has a teaser trailer so far. Neither project has a solid release date yet.

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Knockout City Season 7: Mutant Mutiny stars Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The teenage mutant ninja turtles in knockout city holding dodgeballs.

Season 7 of the free-to-play dodgeball game Knockout City is mutant-themed, and it will cross over with some of the most famous mutants around: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In addition to earnable in-game cosmetics, players can buy the TMNT Bundle for $20 to get outfits and posses based on Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello.

Season 7 of Knockout City introduces four new characters called the "Mutant Crew," including the four mutates Neon, Susan, Ratfink, and Goober. These series originals are joined by Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo of TMNT fame. The new season of the game also comes packed with a Knockout City x TMNT crossover event, a new Premium Brawl Pass featuring TMNT unlockables, more Hideout customization, a new map, and more to be shared on the Season 7 road map.

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Perfect Dark development unaffected by Crystal Dynamics sale
Joanna Dark looking at a pyramid.

Microsoft and The Initiative confirmed that Crystal Dynamics is still assisting with the development of a new Perfect Dark game following the news of Crystal Dynamics' change of ownership.
On May 2, Embracer Group purchased Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, Square Enix Montreal, and the series associated with those studios from Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix. As the studio changed hands, it was possible that outside deals like this one with Microsoft could be at risk.
Clearly, that's not the case, even if Microsoft is surprisingly not the one to acquire Crystal Dynamics. Following the announcement, The Initiative confirmed Crystal Dynamics' continued involvement with Perfect Dark via a tweet.
"We’re excited to see Crystal Dynamics take these next steps with their studio," The Initiative's tweet says. "Our teams have made great progress in building Perfect Dark together as co-development partners, and we will be continuing this work with them in their next chapter."
The Initiative is a brand-new studio formed by Microsoft to work on Perfect Dark. The studio has reportedly experienced a high amount of turnover as it builds itself up, so studio head Darrell Gallagher brought his former studio, Crystal Dynamics, on board to help get Perfect Dark over the finish line. 
Outside of Perfect Dark, Crystal Dynamics is also working on "exciting experiences from our beloved portfolio of franchises as well as original concepts and IPs developed with partners," according to a tweet from the developer. That includes a brand-new Tomb Raider game built with Unreal Engine 5. 
The new Perfect Dark game still doesn't have a release date, but it's expected to launch for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Hopefully, we will see the game again at Xbox and Bethesda's showcase this June!

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Microsoft says it ‘messed up’ on Xbox Live pricing, won’t raises rates
xbox one x review mem2b

Microsoft has backtracked on an announcement that it would raise the price of Xbox Live Gold memberships after an outcry from gamers. Many pointed out that it was tactless to raise prices on gaming when many people are staying at home due to the pandemic and gaming provides a much-needed form of safe entertainment.

In a blog post first posted on Friday, January 22, Microsoft said it would increase the price of Gold memberships by $1 for one-month memberships and $5 for three-month memberships in the U.S., with equivalent prices hikes in other regions too. That would have raised prices to $11 for one month and $30 for three months. Prices for six-month and 12-month memberships would have remained unchanged.

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