These are all the Nintendo Switch games with console and PC crossplay

nintendo switch cross play list rocket league

For the Nintendo Switch, a new console with a comparatively small install base, mutliplayer cross-play can make a meaningful impact on your multiplayer experience. And let’s face it: The Switch could use all the help it can get in the multiplayer department. Though sales are through the roof, Nintendo’s beloved new console continues to thrive in spite of serious shortcomings in its online infrastructure. Between the friend codes and the smartphone app-based chat features, no one in their right mind is buying a Switch to play games online, but cross-play — the ability to play games online with people on other devices, such as a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC — ensures that the players who choose to will find a match more often than not.

Currently, the list of Switch games that take advantage of cross-platform online play is humble, which makes sense given how few Switch games support multiplayer, but with a few more in the pipeline and the Switch’s popularity booming, don’t be surprised if the list balloons.

Here are all the Switch games with cross-platform multiplayer support.

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‘Rocket League’ (Xbox One, PC)

rocket league autumn update 5

The most notable cross-platform Switch title, Psyonix’s vehicular soccer game lets Nintendo Switch players link up with both Xbox One and PC gamers to drastically increase their active player pool.

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‘Chess Ultra’ (Xbox One, PC)

nintendo switch cross play list chess ultra

Feel like some chess? You can play with ornate pieces, sophisticated board designs, and fanciful surroundings against Xbox One and PC players.

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‘Mantis Burn Racing’ (Xbox One, PC)

nintendo switch cross play list mantis burn racing

Xbox One and PC owners can’t play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but you can race online with them in Mantis Burn Racing, featuring speedy dune buggies and a unique isometric camera angle.

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‘Pinball FX3‘ (Xbox One, PC)

nintendo switch cross play list pinball fx3

This popular community focused pinball sim lets Switch players play and share content with their Xbox One and PC counterparts.

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In addition to the four games already featuring cross-platform multiplayer, Switch owners can look forward to the following cross-platform updates/releases.


minecraft better together

Announced at E3 2017, Minecraft‘s “Better Together” update rolled out to Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets in September. Better Together lets players on other platforms enjoy each other’s sandbox worlds. While Minecraft is currently available on Switch, the Better Together update hasn’t arrived there just yet. When it does, Switch players will be able to play with a much, much larger community.

‘Crazy Justice’ (Xbox One, PC)

nintendo switch cross play list crazy justice

Expected to launch this spring/summer, third-person shooter Crazy Justice features cel-shaded graphics in a steampunk world. At launch, the multiplayer horde-like missions will be playable across Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game.

Gunscape’ (Xbox One)

nintendo switch cross play list gunscape

Already available on Xbox One and PC, Gunscape is a first-person shooter set in a fully destructible block world that you create. Developer Blowfish Studios has not set a release date for its Switch port of the game, but said it plans to offer cross-platform play for Switch and Xbox One players at launch.