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This Nintendo Switch Lite snap-on case with flip cover highlights its perks

Nintendo is offering a snap-on case with a flip cover for the Nintendo Switch Lite, and the accessory looks like it does a great job highlighting the portable console’s perks over the original Nintendo Switch.

The accessory is currently listed at Nintendo Japan’s online store for about $35, with its release date set for early November. Gray appears to be the only color option for now, which may complement the console’s bright colors. It also looks like there are no bundles that will include the snap-on case.

The case features a couple of raised circles for the console’s joysticks, and while the flip cover does not have a lock, it snugly fits right over the screen to prevent it from unsightly scratches.

There are cases of all shapes and sizes for the original Nintendo Switch, but most of them are bulky to accommodate the removable Joy-Cons and other accessories. In comparison, this snap-on case for the Nintendo Switch Lite is streamlined, while making sure that the joystick will not snag on anything while in its owner’s pocket or bag.

The snap-on case further highlights the portability of the Nintendo Switch Lite, making it an even better travel companion compared to the original Nintendo Switch. While it is not as exciting as the spotted Overwatch-themed case for the Nintendo Switch, its simplicity is part of its appeal, as the accessory simply gets the job done in protecting the console without adding bulk.

It remains unclear if the snap-on case will be made available in the United States. Importing the accessory may add quite a bit to the accessory’s cost, so hopefully, it finds its way to other Nintendo online stores beyond Japan.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is set to launch on September 20 with a price tag of $199. As a handheld console, it is superior to the original Nintendo Switch, and it features a D-pad in lieu of the four separate directional buttons on the Joy-Cons. It also promises between 4.5 to 6 hours of battery life, which is lower than the revised Nintendo Switch with 4.5 to 9 hours, but still good enough for playing while on the daily commute.

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