Nintendo Switch puppy plush combines the two best things in the world

nintendo switch puppy plush nintendoswitchpuppyplush1
The two greatest things available on this fine Earth are video games and puppies, and Nintendo appeared to combine them with the announcement of its Switch console last week. The controller dock resembles a floppy-eared black Labrador, and a fan wasted no time in making the design even more adorable.

“I couldn’t wait until March, so I made my own Nintendo Switch,” Twitter user AnnaTheRed proclaimed.

The design makes use of every button on the system’s two Joy-Con controllers, with the thumb sticks representing the puppy’s slightly asymmetrical eyes and the buttons acting as little black patches all over their adorable face. The plus and minus symbols at the top of the two controllers are unique eyebrows, as well. Since the puppy doesn’t have a nose, it obviously has to breath through its mouth, with a tongue popping out the bottom. The tongue can even be folded in to turn off the Nintendo Switch.

The plush can stand on its own — not unlike the main Nintendo Switch console, with a stand build into its back — or it can sit and do that cute “head turn” that puppies do when they can’t hear what you said.

Truly, this is one genuine Nintendog.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to launch in March 2017, with no price point yet released by Nintendo. Eschewing the dual-screen setup of the Wii U, the system will function more like a traditional home console when connected to its dock, and as a portable system when played on its own. Though few games have been officially confirmed for the system, its reveal video showed off what appeared to be a new 3D Mario title, as well Splatoon, a Mario Kart game, and even Skyrim.

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