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No subtlety at all with Nintendo Switch rip-off Nanica Smitch

The Nanica Smitch is a hilariously blatant rip-off of the Nintendo Switch that may be able to trick distracted holiday shoppers if they do not take a good look at the items that they are picking up.

I feel bad for anyone who’s grandma gets them this for Christmas. #NintendoSmitch

— Austin John Plays ???? (@AustinJohnPlays) December 21, 2019

The attempt at a Nintendo Switch clone is currently available in Colombia, but it would not be a surprise if it somehow makes its way to the United States. Assuming its price on an online retail website is in Colombian pesos, it is currently selling for just under $50.

A video of the Nanica Smitch in action reveals what can be expected from the contents of that shady-looking box.


The Nanica Smitch, like the Nintendo Switch, comes with a pair of detachable controllers at each side of the screen, and also offers the choice of playing on the device or pushing the display to a TV. The similarities, however, stop there.

The construction of the device is obviously subpar compared to the Nintendo Switch. The controllers are powered by 4 AAA batteries, and the device uses RCA cables to connect to a TV. Its packaging also tries to mimic the Nintendo Switch box and even slaps on a picture of Mario at the front.

The Nanica Smitch has one “advantage” over the Nintendo Switch though, as it instead of having to use cartridges, it comes pre-loaded with 800 games. These titles, of course, are not from the Nintendo Switch, but rather likely illegal ROMs of Nintendo Entertainment System games.

Gamers who are hoping to get a Nintendo Switch might want to make sure that their parents and/or grandparents do not end up buying the Nanica Smitch, as it could fool buyers who are not familiar with the console. However, the Nanica Smitch may double as a gag gift, for those who will be willing to order something from Colombia for a prank.

There are various offers available for the real thing this holiday season, ranging from the most basic to the most complete. Here is a list of the best Nintendo Switch bundles and where to purchase them, to help gamers stay away from the abomination that is the Nanica Smitch.

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