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Inhospitable planets pose as big a threat in ‘No Man’s Sky’ as hostile creatures

We recently took a look at the enemies you’ll be facing in Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. Both organic and inorganic creatures are ready to tear you limb from limb should you disturb them, but the mysterious, unexplored planets themselves pose a significant threat, as well.

In the fourth and final of the game’s recent gameplay trailers, “Survive,” we can see some of the hazards explorers could face should they choose to touch down and wander on foot. Massive poisonous flowers cover the ground of a planet filled with toxic yellow gas, and elsewhere we see the consequences of not having sufficient “toxic protection,” with life meters quickly draining.

A variety of other environmental variables can get you killed in a hurry, as well. Extreme heat and extreme cold must both be countered with improved gear, and radiation, presumably from nearby stars or suns, requires a hazmat suit.

But No Man’s Sky‘s major focus on resource gathering plays a role here, too. Finding elements such as iron and zinc in nearby rocks will allow you to “recharge” specific elements on your suit. This should also greatly reduce the need to leave planets in order to top off supplies. Of course, every element you choose to use is one you can’t sell later for a profit, should you make it back alive.

If you plan to pick No Man’s Sky up on PC, you’ll now have to wait a few extra days. Instead of its scheduled August 9 release date, which the game will still hit on PS4, it arrives for the PC on August 12. But don’t worry: With 18 quintillion planets, it will take you a lot longer than three days to explore a microscopic fraction of what the game has to offer.

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