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Everything we know about about Hideo Kojima’s OD: trailer, platforms, and more

If there’s one creator you can count on for creating the types of games you never see coming, it’s Hideo Kojima. After his exodus from Konami and the formation of his own studio, he directed his first non-Metal Gear game in decades with Death Stranding. He has already confirmed that a sequel is in the works but has now revealed a second project. OD, or Overdose as some refer to it, will be the first deep dive into a genre Kojima has only touched on in his other games, as well as the beloved P.T.horror. While you can never really know what to expect from this studio, especially coming from a man who loves to mislead his audience with his marketing, we’ll guide you through everything we know about OD.

Release window

A man's face in a black void.
Kojima Productions

OD has no release window at this time and will arrive after DS2, which also doesn’t have a release date. Considering how little was shown, OD probably won’t arrive before 2026 at the earliest if we had to make an educated guess.


While no platforms are officially confirmed for OD, it is being made in partnership with Xbox Game Studios, meaning that it is assuredly coming to the Xbox Series consoles. Whether or not it will be a console exclusive, and if so, for how long, is unknown.


OD - The Game Awards 2023 Teaser Trailer - 4K

The OD trailer is more of a tech demo or showcase than anything else. It showcases the main actors for the game, Sophia Lillis and Hunter Schager, monologuing in a black void. What they are saying seems completely nonsensical, though it could hold some secrets that will only make sense once the game comes out. The trailer finishes with the sound of a door opening and Sophia’s character letting out a terrified shout.

Aside from those two actors, Udo Kier is also set to star in the game. On the development side, horror director Jordan Peele is also confirmed to be collaborating on OD, though we don’t know exactly in what capacity.


A woman's face looking concerned.
Kojima Productions

The biggest mystery about OD is what type of game it will be. We know it will be a horror title, but who you play as and how is all a mystery. While on stage Kojima only stated that OD “is a game, don’t get me wrong, but it’s at the same time a movie, but at the same time a new form of media.” Interpret that as you will.

Kojima has also vaguely noted that the title will leverage Xbox’s cloud technology in some way, but it’s not clear what he means by that. He previously was rumored to be working on a single-player game for Google Stadia before that service shut down, though Kojima has since denied that the project was a platform-exclusive Death Stranding sequel. Whether or not he was in talks with Stadia at all is still unclear, but OD does show that Kojima is interested in experimenting with cloud technology.


We’re most certainly years away from OD releasing, so there’s no inkling about preorders yet. Considering that it has some cloud component, it’s not even clear what its distribution will look like. However, being an Xbox Game Studio, it will likely be added to Game Pass, so subscribers should expect it to be added whenever it does launch.

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