One In Four Play Casual Games at Work

Another set of survey data gathered for casual game maker PopCap by Information Solutions Group has been released, with this one focusing on casual game play in the workplace. The results? Among "white collar" workers surveyed—meaning folks whose jobs don’t involve manual labor—roughly one in four (24 percent) said they played casual games during work hours—and those numbers go up among senior executives, with 35 percent of them saying they play casual games at work. And the benefits of playing these games? Some 84 percent of white collar workers and executives said the games helped them feel "more relaxed and less stressed out."

"It’s not surprising that today’s business professionals are casual video game users,"

"The face of today’s executive workforce is definitely changing," said Carly Drum, Managing Director of Drum Associates, in a press release from PopCap. "We’re seeing employees who are much more technologically savvy and familiar with all forms of new media from social networking to blogging and beyond. So, it’s natural that some business executives would also look to casual video games that they can play on their PC, mobile phone or BlackBerry during a work break, as a way to quickly relax and recharge their batteries, so to speak."

The survey of 7,102 consumers identified 2,842 as white collar workers, with 241 of them identified as "senior executives." Overall, 98 percent of white collar workers said they played casual games at home; of the 24 percent who admit playing at work, about half (52 percent) say they play during their workday when they need a quick break, 61 percent say they play during lunch or other sanctioned breaks, and 14 percent admitted playing during meetings or conference calls. Just over half (53 percent) of white-collar game players said they played at least once a day, with 79 percent saying they play several times a week. Some 84 percent of players said their game sessions last between 15 and 60 minutes, with 11 percent saying they play an hour or more each day.

Asked why they play games, 84 percent of white collar gamers who play at work said it helps them feel "more relaxed and less stressed out," while 52 percent said they felt more confident, energetic, focused, or productive.

[And on that happy note, I believe it’s time for my morning alien-zapping session!]

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