Origin’s The Big O gaming rig builds in an Xbox 360

Origin PC has introduced The Big O, its latest high-end gaming rig that not only offers liquid-cooled, over-clocked processors, high-end graphics, and a case that looks like it could have escaped from a special effects shop: it blurs the lines between PC and console gaming by including an Xbox 360…built right in.

origins the big o gaming rig builds in an xbox 360 origin  pc w sept 2010 detail

“The Big O will satisfy the demands of even the most power hungry gamer, but when you create the ultimate personal computer system it has to be designed to go above and beyond gaming” said Origin PC co-founder and CEO Kevin Wasielewski, in a statement. “To have the best you have to build using the latest in computer technology that guarantees unmatched performance and that is exactly what you get with the Big O.”

The Big O incorporates a liquid-cooled Xbox 360 slim directly into the computer, so gamers no longer have to laboriously switch between console gaming and PC gaming. The Xbox 360’s ports are all accessible from The Big O’s case, and the Xbox can run separately from the PC: if the computer is tied up encoding video or rendering your greatest 3D masterpiece, the Xbox 360 console stands ready to meet all your fragging needs.

origins the big o gaming rig builds in an xbox 360 origin  pc w sept 2010

As with all high-end gaming rigs, The Big O is highly customizable, and the more options customers add, the higher the price tag becomes. The stock configuration features a liquid-cooled Intel Core i7 930 processor overclocked to 4 GHz, dual Nvidia GTX480 graphics cards, 6 GB of RAM, dual 50 GB SSD drives and a 2 TB RAID, a 12× Blu-ray burner, integrated 5-port Ethernet switch, Creative’s Fatal1ty sound card, and a 1,500 Watt power supply—and did we mention Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and the LED strip lighting with remote control? Users can crank up The Big O considerably, including jumping to Intel Xeon X5680 processors overclocked to 4.3 GHz, quad SLI Nvidia GTX480 graphics cards, and dual kilowatt power supplies.

But be prepared to spend some money: the stock configuration starts at $7,669.00, while the high-performance CPU Magazine configuration comes in at a cool $16,999.00.

origins the big o gaming rig builds in an xbox 360 origin  pc w sept 2010