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Outriders gets a free update tomorrow, new story content in 2022

Outriders is getting an all-new free update titled Outriders: New Horizon on Tuesday, November 16. Additionally, the game will get a new story campaign in 2022 via an expansion.

Outriders is a multiplayer RPG published by Square Enix that released on April 1. It gives players the ability to choose from four unique classes and sets them off on a cooperative story experience with various role-playing elements.

The New Horizon spotlight video revealed that the game is receiving a brand-new campaign expansion titled Worldslayer, coming in 2022. Besides a quick tease and confirmation that it will include a fresh and full story, all other details were kept in the dark.

Along with the expansion, a new endgame is incoming. The overhaul removes the expedition timer and equalizes rewards. The aim is to allow players to experiment with various characters and play styles.

The loot system is also being changed up, with a global 100% increase to all legendary item drop rates. There’s a new anti-duplication system coming, which prevents players from getting loot they already own. Players will also be able to change the visuals of their loot, allowing for more customization that’s non-reliant on the levels or perks of their gear.

Finally, the multiplayer experience will be improved with the update. Not only is there now “fully functional” crossplay across all platforms, but matchmaking rules have been fixed to avoid bad connections, AFK players, and disconnection issues.

Outriders owners can get the New Horizons update completely free on November 16. The Worldslayer expansion is set to launch sometime in 2022.

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