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Ouya sells out at Amazon

ouya-packaging-openCheck out our review of the Ouya Android-based gaming console.

The highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console known as the Ouya has sold out at Amazon, just hours after it came available. The little cube that took off as a Kickstarter campaign finally launched today after delays set it back from its originally-planned retail launch date of June 4th, 2013. 

The Ouya has made a few headlines as it struggles during its opening day. Earlier, we learned that some of the Ouya’s original Kickstarter backers would not be receiving their units as promised due to a shipping error – a situation that Ouya CEO, Julie Uhrman, is apparently “pissed” about, according to a backers-only update on the console’s Kickstarter page (via Polygon). 

Although the Ouya isn’t exactly loaded with high-horsepower hardware, gamers have been drooling over the device since its announcement, due in no small part to a glut of hype, its attractive design and the backing of a host of industry veterans. 

At the time this article was published, the $100 Ouya was still available online at Target and Best Buy. 

update: Gamestop informs that all and all GameStop Plus store locations have the Ouya available for purchase at this time

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