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Fortnite’s adorable pets are no longer hands-off, thanks to latest update

A great travesty has been righted in the Fortnite universe. Previously, you could not pet the adorable dog , leaving her as just a cute piece of backpack bling. Thanks to a new update, version 8.40, Epic Games now allows you to pet other people’s dogs or other pets.

Who’s a good pup?

The tweet below will have to be updated. The pet petting news can be found in the patch notes for Fortnite v8.40, where the team added a line that says:  “You can now pet the dog … and other pets!” You can’t pet your own dog, dragon, or other creature, but you can go up to other players and do so with their pets of choice.

You cannot pet the dog in Fortnite

— Can You Pet the Dog? (@CanYouPetTheDog) April 3, 2019

Last Plane Flying

Fortnite v8.40 is also home to a handful of other updates, though you may not think they’re anywhere near as important as petting the pups. Air Royale is the new Limited Time Mode that pits players flying the X-4 Stormwing against each other to be the last plane in the air.

Deep-fried Destruction

Another Limited Time Mode, Food Fight – Deep Fried, splits Fornite players into two teams on either side of the map. There’s lava pouring in from below, so you must work together to build a fort while there’s a barrier between the two teams.

Once that barrier falls, it turns into a race to destroy the opposing team’s restaurant mascot before taking out the rest of the enemy players to seal the victory. There are no explosive weapons or items, so the dismantling of the enemy fortifications will have to be precise or you’ll burn through your ammo.

8.40 Bug Fixes

The fixes deployed for Fortnite Battle Royale tackle wall traps that were difficult to see, a sound glitch with some of the game’s emotes, and issues with turbo building. Voice chat issues during spectating have also been handled.

Creative has had some issues with the newly added Reboot Bus, but the error where Reboot Cards were incorrectly appearing has been fixed. A bug that prevented players from aiming down the sights of their guns has been squashed as well.

Save the World didn’t have many issues that the team needed to focus on, but two major concerns were addressed. BluGlo Siphons are no longer mislabeled on the map in Refuel the Homebase missions and interrupted T.E.D.D.Y. throws will actually go on cooldown.

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