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Everything we know about Resident Evil spinoff Project Resistance

Asymmetric survival horror games have experienced a resurgence in recent years thanks to games like Friday the 13th: The Game, Last Year: The Nightmare, and others. Now Capcom is getting in on the cooperative frights with Project Resistance, a Resident Evil spinoff. Capcom has released two trailers for Project Resistance so far. We’ve rounded up all of the details you need to know about this team-based horror-survival game right here.

Resident Evil spinoff

Project Resistance is a Resident Evil spinoff. While we’re not sold on the name, we do concede that it has “RE” sandwiched in there. Like other asymmetric survival horror games, an eclectic group of young people find themselves in a diabolical situation orchestrated by a wicked baddie. Set in a facility on the outskirts of Raccoon City (don’t go to Raccoon City), Project Resistance tasks the four unassuming survivors with escaping the facility before time runs out.

Emphasizing teamwork, you and your equally unfortunate friends have to work together to escape by unlocking doors with terminals. Otherwise, the Mastermind will pick you off one by one. The setup is quite similar to Last Year: The Nightmare, since the player who controls the Mastermind has the most tools in their bag. But since this is near Raccoon City, survivors also have to contend with zombies.

You start off with just five minutes to escape, but bonus time is added to your timer as you clear areas. Based on the gameplay overview trailer, it appears that bonus time can also be added when the Mastermind uses certain abilities such as placing creatures on the map.

Character classes

Capcom has revealed the four starting survivors in Project Resistance, each of whom has their own unique strengths.

  • Tyrone: A tank who takes reduced damage and presumably moves slower
  • Valerie: A support character who can heal teammates
  • Samuel: A DPS character with strong melee attacks
  • January: A hacker who can disable security cameras.

The gameplay overview trailer showed off some of the survivors fighting off zombies with pistols, shotguns, and baseball bats. The gunplay mirrors recent Resident Evil games and damage indicators have been added, so you can see how much you’re hurting a zombie or terrifying creature.

Survivors have ranks, so Project Resistance appears to have some form of a leveling system.

Mastermind has tricks for days

The villain is Daniel Fabron, also known as the Mastermind. Sitting behind a control panel, the Mastermind has access to all of the security cameras (provided January doesn’t disable them). The player controlling Mastermind can switch between feeds and interact with the areas. You can place traps, spawn creatures, turn off the lights, lock doors, and commandeer guns mounted to cameras.

Remember those zombies we talked about? The Mastermind can control them directly, mauling the survivors with the powerful jaws of the undead.

The coolest Mastermind ability is described as the “ultimate threat,” which likely means you’ll have to build up a meter or do something special to unleash it. The Mastermind can play as Mr. X, everyone’s favorite Tyrant from Resident Evil 2. Mr. X can slash survivors to death with ease, it seems.

Based on an official screenshot, the Tyrant is just one of three specialized bioweapon skills that can be used by the Mastermind. The other two have yet to be revealed, but they probably unlock as the Mastermind moves up ranks.

Death animations are appropriately gruesome, whether you fall prey to a Mastermind-controlled zombie or Mr. X.

Closed beta for PS4 and Xbox One

Capcom is running a closed beta on PS4 and Xbox One from October 4 at 12:00 a.m. PT to October 7 at 12:00 a.m. PT. Getting into the beta requires a few things and probably some luck.

On PS4, you have to join the Resident Evil Ambassador program and then put your name on the list for the beta. Capcom says participants will be chosen at random if beta signups exceed expectations. You only have until September 18 to register for the PS4 beta. If chosen, you will have to confirm your willingness to participate in the beta by September 30. PS4 beta codes will be distributed via Resident Evil Ambassador accounts. You only have until September 18 to register for the PS4 beta.

On Xbox One, you have to be a member of the Xbox Insider Program. If chosen, you will also have to confirm your ability to partake in the beta by September 30.

Release date

Project Resistance Survivors

Capcom hasn’t revealed a launch date or window for Project Resistance at this time. When it does arrive, you can play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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