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Latest PlayStation 5 software beta adds M.2 SSD support

Starting today, PlayStation 5 users no longer have to be constrained by their console’s puny, under 1TB storage. That is, as long as they’ve signed up for the PS5 software beta. Users that can download the latest beta update for their PS5 will be able to add their own M.2 SSD to the console, expanding its storage capacity by up to 4TB.

If you already have an external HDD or USB SSD hooked up to your PS5, there’s still a reason to hook up an M.2. Unlike other drives, an M.2 SSD that fits Sony’s specifications can launch and run not just PS4 games, but also PS5 games, something that HDDs and USB SSDs can’t do.

That being said, Sony’s specifications for M.2 NVMe SSDs that can be used with the PS5 are very strict. To start, you’ll need to get the latest in NVMe SSD tech, with a PCIe Gen4 interface. The storage capacity of an eligible M.2 SSD can range from 250Gb to 4TB, and it has to have a read speed of up at least 5,500MB/s. These specs aren’t anything to scoff at and mean that any compatible M.2 SSDs will likely take a bite out of your wallet.

Along with M.2 support, the new PS5 software beta adds a ton of changes to the console, including 3D audio support for TV speakers and some UI optimizations. The console’s Control Center for instance will let players personalize it more with options for changing controls. A trophy tracker is also being added for all the completionists out there that makes up to five trophies quickly accessible through the control center.

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