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Oculus recalls Quest 2 foam. Here’s how to get it replaced for free

Oculus is recalling the foam padding inside of Quest 2 headsets due to reports of skin irritation. In an email to Quest owners, Oculus states that the recall is specifically for the foam facial interface that is attached to the headset itself. A free silicone cover will be available to owners of the Quest 2 that request one.

Oculus first began a replacement campaign for the Quest 2 in December. The company has now extended that into a full recall. According to Oculus, it received a small percentage of reports from users of irritation where the foam facial interface rests on the skin.

After working with regulators over the past couple of months, Oculus is offering a free silicone-based cover that will fit over the foam facial interface on the Quest 2. The cover is made from medical-grade silicone that, according to the Oculus website, provides, “improved hygiene, comfort, and immersion” for the Quest 2 headset. The silicone cover is available for Quest 2 headset and Quest 2 Fit Pack owners.

Quest 2 owners are not required to send in their headsets or the foam padding to fix the issue. In order to acquire the silicone cover to fit over the existing foam facial interface, owners must log in to the website and click on the “Go to My Devices” link. From there, owners are instructed to fill out a form. It requires the owner’s account login, the serial number for the headset, and the address for shipment. The address must be in one of the supported countries for shipping.

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