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All Resident Evil 3 safe codes and locker combinations

Exploration is any good RPG’s most significant feature. Players have learned to check every corner of every room for gear, secrets, and Easter eggs. And as players have smartened up, developers have gotten more creative. The Resident Evil 3 remake has plenty of secrets to find and upgrades to unlock. However, players will have to keep their eyes peeled. They’ll have an easy time finding five different safes and lockers around Raccoon City, but they’ll also have to find their combinations. Here is every safe and locker location and their combinations in the Resident Evil 3 remake, along with what you’ll find inside.

Rights and lefts dictate which way the safe dial is being turned to reach the specified number.

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Every safe location and combo in Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Jill and Zombies

Downtown safe — 9 left — 3 right — 7 left

This safe is located across the street from the Pharmacy in the opening Downtown area. The pharmacist, now plagued by the infection, left his journal behind, specifying where you can find the combination to his safe. He makes mention of his Aqua Cure Queen knowing the safe combo. He’s referring to a poster hung up in his Pharmacy. Inside the safe, you’ll find a red dot sight attachment for your pistol. This attachment makes fighting the undead, and eventually Nemesis, much easier.

West office safe — 9 left — 15 right — 7 left

This combo is an Easter egg from Resident Evil 2. Players with an extraordinary memory won’t have to search for this one. However, if you haven’t played the predecessor (or forgot), the combo is on the police station’s ground floor in a report in the safe room. The safe is located in the West office on 1F in the bottom-left of the room. Inside, players will find one of six Hip Pouches scattered around Raccoon City. The Hip Pouch increases Jill and Carlos’ inventory.

Nurse’s Station safe — 9 left — 3 right

For one reason or another, this safe only has a two-digit combination. Perhaps it was re-entered by another party? Someone who was trying to get in at the last moment? Either way, this combo can be found while playing as Carlos in the Hospital’s Operation Room on 1F. Head to the Nurse’s Station on 2F to find the safe in the bottom-right corner of the room. Inside, you’ll find the Duel Magazine upgrade for your assault rifle.

Every locker location and combo in Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 Safe and Locker Codes

Shower Room locker — C.A.P

This locker is located in the police station shower room and is another callback to Resident Evil 2. In case you forgot, you’ll find the code on a whiteboard in the Operators room on 1F. The Shower Room is in the top left of 2F. Inside the locker, you’ll find a flash grenade.

Police station hallway locker — D.C.M

Once again, we have a callback to Resident Evil 2. The locker is on the left end of the hallway on 3F of the police station. If you’re looking to find the code, it’s on a whiteboard in the Safty Deposit Room on 1F. Inside, you’ll find some assault rifle ammo.

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