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How to get the eyepatch in Return to Monkey Island

Jumping back into the well-worn pirate boots of Guybrush Threepwood in Return to Monkey Island is certainly going to bring back memories for those who braved his previous adventures surrounding Monkey Island. Still, for all the accomplishments Threepwood has under his belt, there are plenty of challenges ahead on his latest pirate-themed adventure. One of the earliest hurdles you will encounter is attempting to get a proper disguise to board LeChuck's ship and really get your adventure started.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Access to the Museum of Pirate Lore

The only thing missing from your ensemble to blend in with the pirate crew is an eyepatch, but not just any regular one will do. You need a magical one that can only be found in the Museum of Pirate Lore. This is a nice introductory puzzle to ease old players back into the adventure game format while also being a good starting place for players who weren't around for those old classics. If you're getting stumped, here's how to solve the eyepatch puzzle in Return to Monkey Island.

A skeleton pirate talking to Guybrush.

How to get the eyepatch

The eyepatch is one of two items you need to get before you can leave the starting area of Melee Island. This eyepatch once belonged to Jon Lanay and is now being held in the Museum of Pirate Lore, but obviously, you can't just go up and grab it. Here's how to get your hands (or eye?) on it.

Step 1: Go to the Maps-n-More and take one of the free monocles.

The map-n-such shop.

Step 2: Exit the store, but immediately go back in and take a second monocle.

Step 3: Combine the two monocles in your inventory to make a mega monocle.

Step 4: Head to the Museum of Pirate Lore.

Step 5: Go to the display case with the eyepatch and use your mega monocle on the lock.

Guybrush writting down a code.

Step 6: Take the cracker mix from the storeroom.

Step 7: Leave the museum and head to High Street.

Step 8: Go to the locksmith and tell her the number you got off the lock.

Step 9: After she gives you the key, give her the cracker mix in exchange for some crackers.

Step 10: Back in the museum, use your crackers on the security parrot.

Step 11: Use the key to unlock the display case and grab the eyepatch.

The Voodoo Lady's hut.

How to charge the eyepatch

As mentioned, this isn't an ordinary eyepatch, but a magical one. Or, at least, it was. It will need a bit of a recharge first, though.

Step 1: Go to the International House of Mojo.

Step 2: Show Voodoo Lady the eyepatch, and she will tell you to get the "bite of a thousand needles." (Purchase a knife if you haven't already).

Step 3: Go into the forest, past the museum.

Step 4: Collect a sample of the carnivorous plant.

Step 5: Take the sample back to Voodoo Lady, and she will charge the eyepatch right up.

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