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Returnal is getting a free co-op update this month

As part of today’s PlayStation State of Play showcase, Housemarque revealed that its latest title Returnal, is getting a substantial free update that adds a suite of new content to the challenging roguelike.

Returnal - Ascension State of Play March 2022 Trailer | PS5

Arriving on March 22, the free update is officially titled Returnal: Ascension. The first and biggest change that players should notice is that they can now run through the game’s procedural levels with friends. The addition of co-op to Returnal should be welcome for anyone playing the game, which has been regarded as one of the more challenging roguelike titles out there. Players can host or join a co-op session throughout their run, and naturally, can start a private session and invite a friend. To stop players from having an unfair advantage, Returnal‘s co-op will be limited to two people at a time.

For players who have already beaten Returnal, the game’s Ascension update will also add a new endless mode to the game called the “Tower of Sisyphus.” While it’s not clear how players will access this new bit of content, it will include a suite of new bosses, enemies, and weapons for players to use. The Tower of Sisyphus will also include some extra narrative bits, further fleshing out Selene’s own story. However, it’s worth noting that players won’t be able to play through the Tower of Sisyphus together. Like some parts of the main game’s story, the Tower will be locked to single player.

Returnal: Ascension is the game’s second main update. The first let players properly suspend their runs at any time, a feature that wasn’t in the game at launch.

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