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‘Rocket League’ on Switch comes with exclusive Nintendo battle cars

Rocket League® - Nintendo Switch Battle-Cars Trailer
First released in 2015, Rocket League took the gaming community by storm on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC , and it wasn’t too long until it made its way to Xbox One . Once again, the game is making the jump to a new console. With the release of Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, developer Psyonix is bringing exclusive Nintendo-themed battle cars.

When Rocket League releases on Nintendo Switch this holiday season, these three Nintendo-themed cars will be available as free special unlocks. Technically speaking, the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR are the same vehicle. Whether or not a player is Mario or Luigi is dependent on the team color they select before a match. Orange players display the Mario skin while Blue players show up as Luigi. For the Metroid-themed Battle Car, Samus’ Gunship, the team color variations are modeled after different Varia Suits from the series.

Along with the different body designs, both cars feature specialized boosts. The Mario and Luigi NSR feature a “Super Star” trail while Samus’ Gunship uses a “Wave Beam.” Other Nintendo items include Mario and Luigi hats.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch was officially announced during Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation at E3 2017. Anticipation for the reveal came much sooner though as Psyonix began teasing the possibility of a Switch port

Right out of the gate, the Switch version includes all previous game modes and features found in other versions of the game. This includes later additions such as Hockey, Dropshot, and additional rotating modes. It also supports cross-network play, but the systems have yet to be announced.

Other unique features come from the design of the Nintendo Switch. The biggest draw is the ability to play Rocket League on the go. Users can get the same console experience, without being tethered to their living room. Additionally, local wireless multiplayer allows Switch owners to circle around each other to play without using dedicated Wi-Fi.

Rocket League rolls out onto Nintendo Switch consoles during the 2017 holiday season. This means that players will have plenty of time to battle their friends during the holiday break. Expect a solid release date in the coming months.

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