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Everything we know about Scorn

Horror fans have been waiting for the release of the promising, crowdfunded Scorn game for a long time: Alpha footage debuted all the way back in 2014, showcasing a strong H.R. Giger atmosphere that had gamers (and Alien fans) eager to experience just what the mysterious title had to offer.

It took some time, but it looks like patience fans are finally seeing the wait pay off. Scorn has been given its most promising release date ever, and 2022 is the year we’ll see it release. Here’s everything we know.

Release date

A single skeletal statue surrounded by female statues with glowing red stomachs in a creepy temple.

Scorn’s first official release date was in the latter half of 2021. Due to the pandemic and other factors, that didn’t happen. Now we have a new launch date for October 21, 2022, announced at the Xbox Games Showcase on June 12: In a March 2022 update, Ebb Software confirmed that the game is still on track to launch on time, with ongoing work to wrap up levels.


Scorn is slated for Xbox Series X and Series S, and will appear day one on Xbox Game Pass, supporting 4K resolution at 60fps. The Ebb Software CEO, Ljubomir Peklar, has made reference to ensuring the game will run smoothly across all devices. This is likely making sure that Xbox Cloud Gaming won’t create any problems if gamers want to play on their PCs or compatible mobile devices. While it is called an Xbox exclusive, signs still point to the title being released on Steam and Epic as well. But it’s not expected to appear on PlayStation, Switch, etc.


Scorn | New Gameplay & Release Date Trailer Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

The Xbox Games Showcase also released a new and, presumably, last trailer for Scorn showcasing the game in action as we had never seen it before — including how biologically disturbing the game can get.


Screenshot from Scorn.

Scorn is described as having a “living labyrinth” of levels to explore, filled with that H.R. Giger-inspired creepiness symbolized by unsettling biological shapes and twisted human figures. Each level has its own themes and characters.

While exploration is the key here, the developers say that there’s more to the game than a walking simulator. Puzzles include overcoming physical barriers, dealing with grotesque creatures, and trying to solve logic problems when your surroundings are…hostile. The character exploring these ruins appears to be humanoid, but their relationship to this eerie world — and the sacrifices they have to make to survive in it — are still unclear.

Classified as a horror adventure, you can also expect some action in Scorn. The team has referenced an “arsenal of weapons” that you’ll be able to use, presumably to deal with the less pleasant creatures in the world, but we don’t know much about them yet. The latest trailer shows the player fighting a monstrous hound-like creature in tunnels and a…giant tentacly thing, so we know there will be enemies of some significance. The team has hinted that not all enemies are designed to be defeated.

The latest updates from the developers have several short videos you can watch to learn more, although they are very limited in what they show. There’s some Myst-like puzzle solving, some creepy doors opening, lots of oppressive corridors, and that’s about it so far.

Age recommendations

Screenshot from Scorn.

Scorn’s rating is still pending on the Xbox page, but Steam reports it has received a Mature rating, which isn’t surprising. Monsters are designed to creep you out, you blast nightmare creatures with weaponry, and the environment is littered with unsettling stuff. There’s plenty of disturbing imagery, from pulling an adult-sized umbilical cord out of your stomach to modifying your body in gross ways as you progress. Think of an appropriate age for something like Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Bioshock and you’ll probably be close.


Scorn is a single-player game, and no part of it is designed for multiplayer features.

Price and pre-ordering

If you pledged money for the Kickstarter back in the day, you are still guaranteed a free copy. If you have a Game Pass subscription, you will be able to download Scorn for free on its release day. Otherwise, Scorn has announced pre-orders available for all its platforms, although some seem faster on the draw than others. Steam is offering a 10% discount for pre-ordering at this time.

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