SEGA Partners With Chiquita Bananas for New Video Game

sega-bananaSEGA is truly in the spirit of its new video game—the longtime gaming entertainment company announced today it will be partnering with Chiquita Fresh North America for a nationwide promotion with Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll for Wii. No, we didn’t stutter—SEGA will be partnering with Chiquita Bananas to promote its new video game featuring monkeys—and we’ve got to hand it to them, it’s kind of a smart idea. Beginning in February, supermarkets across the country will feature special stickers to promote Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll on over 180 million Chiquita bananas.

“Chiquita is excited to partner with SEGA to help families play together and support healthy living. We’re thrilled to have AiAi and MeeMee on our bananas to encourage nutritious eating and a fit lifestyle among kids and families,” said Craig Stephen, Vice President and General Manager, North America Bananas.

In addition, SEGA and Chiquita announced their “Super Bananza Sweepstakes” to support the newfound partnership. The sweepstakes gives Chiquita banana buyers a chance to win prizes, including the grand prize of a family gaming room makeover.

SEGA says the latest game in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, lets players “feel like they are the monkey in the ball” as their movements on the Wii Balance Board move the characters (which are virtual monkeys dressed in human clothes) through more than 70 brand new stages in the main game and 21 multiplayer mini-games.