September 2014’s Xbox Games with Gold is all about teamwork

septembers xbox games gold teamwork super time force team

The latest batch of free Games with Gold titles for Xbox Live Gold subscribers are all about teamwork. That includes committing a daring heist, fighting a war against terrible odds, or, if you don’t have anyone else to team up with, traveling through time to collaborate with alternate versions of yourself.


Super Time Force (September 1-30, Xbox One)

Capybara Games took classic, Contra-style 2D running and gunning and combined it with time travel mechanics right out of Braid to create this delightful, bombastic platformer. If you screw up and die, you can simply rewind and try again, but with the help of your previous playthrough alongside you. This turns traditional twitch platforming into more of a puzzle as you strategically layer on different attempts to tackle the challenging levels full of cybernetic dinosaurs as a team of one.


Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine (September 1-15, Xbox 360)

This fantastic couch co-op indie has you assembling a team of classic criminal archetypes (the hacker, the heavy, the femme fatale, etc) to pull off elaborate heists, stealing as much loot as possible without alerting the guards to your presence. At least, that’s the plan, until it almost inevitably descends into Keystone Kops khaos as you scramble around to save your hides, accompanied by a perfect ragtime piano soundtrack.

halo reach

Halo: Reach (September 16-30, Xbox 360)

More mainstream gamers who like their men power-armored and fully rendered and their aliens at the business end of an assault rifle won’t want to miss out on Halo: Reach, the last game in the series from franchise creator Bungie. Especially if you’re planning on reliving the saga in Halo: The Master Chief Collection\, you’ll want to check out Reach as an excellent prequel that won’t be included.