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All Starfield cheats and console commands

After a couple dozen hours with a game like Starfield, or even just a few if you’re that kind of player, the allure of cheats will start to arise. Whether it’s because you’re short of Credits, want to make yourself invincible, or get a head start when starting a new character, cheats can help you squeeze more fun out of any game that allows them. Starfield is already built for mod support, but you don’t have to go through the trouble of installing any if you just want to mess with the basics of the game by entering in some console commands. These commands will disable you from earning any achievements in the game, and you do so at your own risk since you could potentially break the game depending on how you use them, but otherwise are as simple to use as knowing the proper codes. Here are all the cheats and console commands in Starfield, and how to use them.

Can you enter console commands on Xbox?

Since Starfield is available on both PC and Xbox consoles, you may wonder if you have the option to use the same commands on your console version of the game. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there is no way to open the console command menu on Xbox to enter any of these cheats. Perhaps a mod will be released in the future that enables this, but for now, all your cheating will have to be done on PC.

How to enter console commands on PC

Entering console commands in Starfield is done the same way as you would in any other game, which is by hitting the` key to open up the menu. Note that as soon as you do this, the game will warn you that entering any console command will lock you out of earning achievements as we mentioned earlier.

Once this menu is open, all you need to do is input a valid command to activate that function.

All console commands

There are dozens of console commands to pick from, so we will break them down into categories as best we can to help you locate what you’re looking for easily.

Game breaking commands

Console Command Description
tgm Toggle God Mode – Gives you infinite ammo and makes you invincible
tim Toggle Immortal Mode – Makes you unkillable
psb Player Spellbook – Unlocks all powers.
tdetect Toggle Detect – You can’t be detected by enemies or NPCs.
tcai Toggle Combat AI – Enemies won’t target you to attack.
tcl Toggle No Clip – Lets you fly through all physical barriers.
saq Start All Quests – Every quest in the game will be started and added to your journal. (Note: This command has been known to cause crashes)
caqs Complete Main Quests – Marks all main quests as complete. (Note: This command has been known to cause crashes)

Character altering commands

player.setlevel (Value) Set Character Level – Change your current level to the number you select.
player.additem (Item ID) (Value) Add Items to Inventory – Adds an item to your inventory based on the ID entered (which will be listed below).
player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value) Spawn Item/Creature at You – Spawn a specific creature wherever you are.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) Pay Off Bounties – Completely removes any bounties your character has.
showlooksmenu player 1 Open Character Creator – Let’s you completely rebuild your character, from appearance to background and traits.
player.removeperk (Perk ID) Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds – Removes any skill, trait, or background.
player.addperk (Perk ID) Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds – Adds any skill, trait or background, but only if there is an open slot.
player.setav carryweight (Value) Increase Carry Weight – Increases your carrying capacities to the specified amount.
SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysSucceed ()  You will always succeed in persuasion interactions.
SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysFail () You will always fail persuasion interactions.

Interaction commands

additem (Item ID) (Value) Adds Items – Adds the item of the code you input to your inventory (item codes listed below).
(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) Attach Weapon Mods – Same as the item command, only will attach the selected mod to your gun.
(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) Remove Attached Weapon Mod – Removes specified weapon mod.
killall Kill All NPCs – Every NPC in your current area will be killed.
kah Kill All Hostiles – Every currently hostile enemy in the area will be killed.
resurrect Resurrect NPC – Select a dead NPC before opening the command menu and inputting this code to bring that specific one back to life.
unlock Unlock Doors and Containers – While attempting to open a locked object or door, enter this code in the command menu to open it.
showmenu sleepwaitmenu Show Sleep / Wait Menu – Opens up the wait menu so you can pass time.

Item spawn commands

0000000F Credits player.additem 0000000F 100
0000000A Digipicks player.additem 0000000A 100
000547A3 Breach player.placeatme 000547A3 1
0002EB45 MagSniper player.placeatme 0002EB45 1
0026D963 Big Bang player.placeatme 0026D963 1
0026D960 Shotty player.placeatme 0026D960 1
0026D964 Auto-Rivet player.placeatme 0026D964 1
0002CB5F Regulator player.placeatme 0002CB5F 1
0002EB42 Magshot player.placeatme 0002EB42 1
0026D96A Bridger player.placeatme 0026D96A 1
00000FD6 Razorback player.placeatme 00000FD6 1
0026D96B Coachman player.placeatme 0026D96B 1
00023606 Magpulse player.placeatme 00023606 1
0026D96D Urban Eagle player.placeatme 0026D96D 1
0026D95D Sidestar player.placeatme 0026D95D 1
00065925 Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit (Legendary) player.placeatme 00065925 1
0007B2B9 Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit (Legendary) player.placeatme 0007B2B9 1
0022B8F6 Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit (Epic) player.placeatme 0022B8F6 1
0013F97D Peacemaker Spacesuit player.placeatme 0013F97D 1
00225FC9 Monster Costume player.placeatme 00225FC9 1
001F22BC Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit player.placeatme 001F22BB 1
0010A25D Armor-Plated UC AntiXeno Pack (Legendary) player.placeatme 0010A25D 1
0001754E Mark 1 Pack player.placeatme 0001754E 1
0021A86C UC Shock Power Pack player.placeatme 0021A86C 1
00065926 Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet (Legendary) player.placeatme 00065926 1
0010A25E Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet (Legendary) player.placeatme 0010A25E 1
0013F97B Peacemaker Space Helmet player.placeatme 0013F97B 1
0001754F Mark I Space Helmet player.placeatme 0001754F 1
001F22BC Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet player.placeatme 001F22BC 1

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