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Starfield: Red Mile location and how to survive

What space game would be complete without a seedy casino somewhere in the galaxy? In Starfield, that is best represented by The Red Mile casino and hotel where those willing to risk their Credits, and their lives, have the chance to strike it rich. Of all the games and entertainment available, the Red Mile challenge is no doubt the most deadly. You’re free to visit this planet almost immediately after getting your ship, but this challenge isn’t made for a fresh character. Even after you’ve leveled up, get some decent gear, and feel up to the challenge, the Red Mile Run has a lot of surprises that can cut your run short in the worst possible ways. If you think you’re tough enough to make it to the end, here’s where to find the Red Mile and the best tips on surviving it.

Where to find the Red Mile

A star map showing Prima III in Starfield.
Bethesda Softworks

The Red Mile is technically the name of the entire casino-hotel resort, not just the challenge. It is found on the planet Porrima III, which is of course in the Porrima system. You can jump there manually anytime you’re exploring, but will also be tasked with going there if you’re following the Freestar Collective faction questline.

Once you land, there are two places you can go: the casino and the Red Mile Run itself. Just make sure you’re wearing your space suit and helmet because there’s no breathable air on this planet. To enter the Red Mile, just head for the big neon sign advertising it ahead of you and talk to Mei.

Tips to survive the Red Mile Run

Talking to Mei about the Red Mile in Starfield.
Bethesda Softworks

Before the actual event begins, you have the chance to outfit yourself with the spacesuit and weapons benches provided. If you haven’t already, make good use of these depending on which of the two approaches you want to take: sprint or fight. Despite being called a “race,” there’s no actual time limit to completing the Red Mile Run. So long as you survive the journey to the beacon and back, you will be considered a winner. Since time isn’t an issue, that means the deadly Red Mile Maulers will be. These alien monsters are tough, especially if you’re at a low level, and can attack you at range with a poison attack. The lower your level, the better off you’ll be just trying to avoid and sprint past everything. If you’re at a higher level with better guns, you can opt to take a slower approach and clear out some Maulers as you go.

Regardless of your strategy, two things are non-negotiable to bring along. First is as many Med Packs as you can reasonably hold. You’re going to get hit – a lot – so healing is going to be crucial. The second is a powerful boost pack. The beacon is atop a metal structure at the peak of a hill. You could sprint and navigate your way up there on foot, but a boost pack can skip most of the climb for you. It can also help you keep your speed up while evading the Maulers by taking to the air. If you have a power like the Anti-Gravity Field, slap that on too since it can temporarily neutralize a group of Maulers. The dash power is also useful to evade.

Once you hit the beacon and are sent back to the start, don’t bother taking the slow method even if you did on the way up. The beacon you hit attracts way more Maulers to the point that there’s no reason to even pretend you can deal with them all. Boost, sprint, heal, and use any tricks left in your bag to make a mad dash back to the starting point. Manage to make it back in one piece and talk to Mei to collect your hard-earned reward.

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